5 Effective Branding Ways Through Instagram for Business

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today, causing online businesses to thrive on the platform.

Instagram is the most popular social platform to date. Not only social media, today many use Instagram as a profitable business field. One of the advantages offered by Instagram is that a personal account can be turned into a business account.

Features of a business account on Instagram can maximize business efforts through online marketing. By paying a nominal amount of money, you can take advantage of advertising products and services through Instagram. You don’t need to worry because branding through Instagram will definitely benefit your business.

Effective Ways of Branding Through Instagram

Want to do a branding strategy? Here’s an effective way of branding through our version of Instagram.

1. Distinguish personal accounts and business accounts

Create a new account in the form of a business account to start your branding via Instagram. By distinguishing a personal account from a business account, it can be concluded that you are a professional. In addition, this account distinction is made to avoid misuse of accounts/images by irresponsible parties.

You can maximize this branding method by including a link to the website on your Instagram profile. The use of this link is to guide your potential customers to the marketplace when they want to buy the product you offer.

2. Establish good interactions

Establishing good interactions means opening opportunities for your followers to increase. For example, by giving likes and positive comments to other accounts, people who will read your comments will be curious and follow your business account.

An equally important interaction is responding clearly and politely to comments asking for detailed information about the product or when a consumer sends a complaint. You can also ask followers for suggestions about your next business campaign. Interactions like this are a way of branding that business account users often ignore.

3. Routinely post products every day

The routine that you can do to increase your visitor and buyer traffic is to routinely update posts every day. This indicates that your business account is an active account and is in great demand. Choose the right schedule to post your product. If you post during peak hours or working hours, of course, not as many people will see your product as during break times.

So that your followers don’t feel bored, there’s nothing wrong with you posting about Giveaway once in a while. Of course, this is an attraction for followers who have not been able to use or enjoy your business products.

4. Create interesting and creative content

This way of branding is the specialty of a successful businessman. Some of them are willing to spend more capital to utilize the services of a professional photographer. Content in the form of images or video uploads from experts is of course different from amateur work.

However, you can also upload creative content with the help of apps. Try to make sure that the font you use is attractive font and has a clear language style.

5. Put a hashtag on the post

Hashtags, which are now popularly known as hashtags, are an effective product branding method for those of you who are just starting a business on Instagram. The function of hashtags in general is to make it easier to find similar information or group content.

Your product can be seen by many people through the consistent use of hashtags in each of your posts. In addition, people who want to find information about similar products, if they find your account first, have the opportunity to become your followers.

Thus our explanation of effective branding methods through Instagram. Hopefully useful for the progress of your business.

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