Sherwani for Men

6 Things you need to consider while buying sherwani for men.

Sherwani For Men – Things You Should Consider Before Buying

Weddings symbolize a lot of things in India. It is not just considered pious but also filled with emotions, fun, laughter, food, and, most importantly – garments. Every family member prepares for the wedding day to look their best. Your friends, colleagues, neighbors, and other guests – everyone wants to be Insta-ready. Clicking pictures and adding stories – after all, that is what weddings are for. Unfortunately, while all this is happening, the groom often gets ignored, Sherwani for men has been most trendier product in the market like never before.

We all know there is a unique vibe about the bride’s lehenga, and she is no doubt the center of attraction, but in current times, the grooms are no less. The evolving fashion of Dhulas makes the marriage more about two now. We are sure you desire to look and create an aura of yours when you walk down the aisle. Thus, this calls for spectacular, fantastic, and mesmerizing garb for your D-day. How about a sherwani for you? Sherwanis are ideal for an Indian wedding, and it is the best way in which you can match up with your bride as well. But before you proceed, let us tell you that finding a sherwani for groom is not easy. Firstly, it requires patience as finding the best piece takes time, and secondly, there are a few things to consider before you finalize a sherwani.

Would you like to nail the groom’s look? Have a look at things that you should keep in mind before the selection process.


  • Personality check: The best way to analyze your personality is to get suggestions from your friends or family. For instance, whether you are more on the hunk-built side or a cute chocolate guy. If you have a nice muscled body, then a sherwani that enhances your sharp features will suit you the best. So, this is how the personality you own plays a vital role in selecting an outfit.


  • Research for colors and fabrics: Nowadays, you will find unlimited color options and materials that a sherwani can have. It is not just limited to silk anymore! With the availability, it’s time for some research now. First, browse online about the latest sherwani styles and trending colors. How about asking the bride and twinning in the same color? Once you determine this, also look for sherwani fabrics. However, we recommend you go for heavier fabrics as it adds more luxury to the outfit. Remember to keep in mind the season in which you are planning to get married as well. Like, you indeed cannot be wearing a black velvet sherwani with a heavy sequence in summer. So, choose wisely!


  • Budgeting: Buying a sherwani is an expensive affair! The price keeps increasing with the type of work and pattern you prefer. Therefore, always look for the price tag! It is first suggested to fix a budget for the wedding sherwani. If needed, it should include all the shipping costs, alterations, and fittings. Determining this prior saves you from the later disappointment of choosing attire beyond your budget.


  • Fittings: Fittings are essential to every outfit as it is interlinked with comfort. For example, too tight sherwani will restrict your movement, and the discomfort will be reflected on your face. We are sure you don’t want to remember your wedding like that in future. It is your day to enjoy! So, go for a sherwani that fits you perfectly and for that you need to check your measurements first. Measure your length, shoulders, chest, stomach, and thighs to establish your size (S, M, L, XL…) before you plan to buy any sherwani. These measurements will also be of use to you during alterations. Hence, it is better to prep in advance!
  • Accessorizing: By now you might have taken sherwani inspiration from many Bollywood grooms. Have you found something striking or anything that you wish to adorn too? You can have a dupatta like Virat Kohli, a mala and safa on white like Vicky Kaushal; or a modern jacket style look like Raj Kumar Rao. Depending on the accessories that you would like to try, you can select a sherwani. Silhouettes go well with a dark-colored necklace while a dark-shade sequenced sherwani shall look well with a nice bordered shawl. Your wedding is a one-time event and a day to wear what you have desired to be in past years. So, consider everything that might match up to your D-day garb.
  • Look for work: What type of sherwani do you like? Sequences, thread work, chickankari, embroideries, mirror work, and zardozi are some types of work that are pretty popular in sherwani. You should also consider this point before the selection process. Even printed sherwanis are trending these days. You can pick up work as per your preference to ease your sherwani hunting process.


These points must be considered when you plan to buy a sherwani for men. However, it would be best if you were also keen about the place you buy from. A reputable brand such as Koranm does all justice to finely crafted sherwanis. They have an immense variety of florals, banarasis, Anarkali, velvet and many more sherwanis that are a true definition of royalty and vogue. Their online store is just a click away. Also, the filter category is totally remarkable in that you can add your preferences, such as color, size, and budget. With them, you can enjoy shopping for sherwanis just meant for you. Isn’t that simple and exciting? So, have a look at their collection today. Happy shopping, and congratulations on your wedding!


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