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7 Reasons Why LG TV Has Become So Popular in India

Several reasons played an important role in the rise of LG TV in the Indian market. This electronic brand did not just succeed in becoming one of the leading electronic industries in India, and it has constantly remained at the top of the competition. LG has always invested its time in gathering information on market demands and preferences. This effort on the company’s part enabled them to understand their consumers and deliver accordingly. Following this practice, LG successfully launched its LG LED TV models which were widely appreciated among consumers. Given below are the reasons behind LG TV’s success in India.

  • Vision Played The Key Role

If you are looking to buy an LG TV then you must look at vision. Well, long-term vision always pays off. LG had always had its eyes on the future. Because they have been through a struggle period initially, they know that constant improvement is key to achieving their goals in the long term. Following this objective, LG continued to observe the market and designed its products that fulfill market demands. This practice transformed LG’s position in the television market of India altogether. In place of the traditional box television set, now Indians enjoy upgraded LG LED TV sets. 

  • Research Played Its Role In The Success Too

Modern-day LG TV sets are the result of long years spent on market research. From the traditional box set to the sleek, smart television sets, LG brought over an overall transformation in terms of design and technology. This evolution in the television industry began with in-depth research and data collection. Through the complete study of the competitors and striving to understand the ever-changing consumer demand, LG developed its line of the finest television sets. 

  • Extension Of Indian Parameter 

This is another key reason why LG has become a brand to look up to. Their success did not come easy. LG has played a wise game by extending the local parameter. They left no stone unturned when it came to product development. This finally played an essential role in LG Tv’s success in India.

  • Constant Innovation

While other television brands focused on brand marketing and attention drawing, LG invested its resources and time in research and innovation. They have continued to bring new ideas to the market. LG’s OLED TV is one of the examples of its innovative mind. This television set brings to the customers everything they might want and is a considerable upgrade from the older LCD and LED models. From gaming to movie watching, this set maintains excellent video and audio integrity. OLED has swept the Indian market with its attractive design and well-designed features, making them worth every penny.

  • Brand Value

While transforming the television market, LG has not forgotten to focus on its brand value. With time they have increased their brand value, slowly yet steadily. LG’s products are indeed the key reason for which customers trust them. But LG’s impressive brand image and market presence have also played a big role in LG’s success. 

  • Affordability

The changing market demands low-priced television sets. This is why LG has launched its budget products. Affordability played an essential role in LG’s popularity in India. 

An LG 32-inch television set comes for Rs 16,999. This smart television set is full HD ready and offers a perfect resolution. The key features of the television are given below –

Resolution – Full HD and HD+ support

Connectivity – 2 HDMI ports are included to connect to the set-top box

TV feature – Web OS smart TV, mini television browser

Sound – 10 watts 

  • Variety 

LG offers variety keeping in mind the different budgets of the customers. Usually, smart televisions don’t come at a low price. However, LG has made a variety of smart TV models available in the market. Regardless of the budget, the customers are impressed by the innovation and technology LG puts behind these TV models. This is another reason why LG has gained brand popularity and trust in the Indian market.

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