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9 Surefire Demand Generation Strategies to Skyrocket Your Brand

Demand generation is one of the biggest challenges a business faces. At first glance, it might look similar to lead generation. However, the two are quite different. Demand generation, at its core, is about making the audience aware of why they need a product or service. It is a long-term strategy and process that requires the marketing and sales team’s engagement with potential customers.


Since the B2B demand generation process is longer and requires more resources, it can be difficult for startups and new brands to begin. Here are nine surefire strategies that can help a brand reach new heights.


  • Freebies, freebies all the way

An age-old promotion strategy, giving away freebies, is still as successful as it was in the past. Give the customers free access for a fixed period. It will allow them to learn the value of the products or services and possibly convert into full-time customers.


  • Make use of social media

Social media is a major part of everyday life. And when used smartly, it can help create significant demand generation. Promote content on Twitter and Facebook, interact with the customers and learn their views.


  • Webinars with stars

Webinars are all the rage nowadays. Ninety-one per cent of B2B professionals have said that webinars are their top educational format. That is why it is essential to offer rich and informational webinars. Partner with influencers, industry professionals, and stars to provide educational content while raising brand awareness.


  • Automated email marketing

Email marketing is another beneficial demand-generation strategy. It has the potential to create significant results for B2B demand generation. Automating this strategy can make it more efficient and personalised and save costs while producing results. Remember to follow the AIDA marketing model. Awareness, interest, desire, and action should be the format of emails.


  • Remarketing campaigns

Attracting new traffic to the site doesn’t essentially mean it will be able to retain it. That is where remarketing campaigns are beneficial. Remarketing campaigns allow new audiences to engage with the brand and create brand awareness. Social media is one of the most popular strategies for remarketing campaigns.


  • Provide rich content

Content is one of the most successful strategies for demand generation. Investing in rich content can help get returns for a long time. It means one must ensure the content gives valuable information to the readers. Design nice-looking pictures and create attractive videos. Add trusted sources, links to other sites, and data to back all claims. The richer the content, the more the customers trust the brand.


  • Use in-depth guides as content

Instead of merely providing blogs, offer comprehensive and in-depth guides. That doesn’t mean posting blogs altogether. Blog posts are highly useful in attracting customers. However, genuinely interested customers would seek more and want to know more. Provide in-depth guides full of knowledge and information for them.


  • Regular content updation

One of the biggest mistakes brands make is publishing content and then forgetting about it. After investing so much into building useful content, it is wasteful to let it become irrelevant. Regularly update the content to make sure it doesn’t become obsolete.


  • LinkedIn advertising

LinkedIn advertising can be expensive, but it is also the social media platform B2B marketers mostly use to reach the intended audience. So go ahead and incorporate this into demand generation strategies.


Demand generation requires a lot of resources. It is crucial to setting up your business and its success. Following the above strategies can help a brand to achieve the desired outcomes.

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