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Best Vehicle Decorating Ideas and Tips: How to Decorate an Automobile?

You can go online for fantastic interior design ideas if you’re customising a car’s interior. One’s personality and sense of style leave a reflection in their vehicle. Also, if you spend a lot of time in your car running errands, travelling to work, or enjoying family vacations, it is worthwhile to put some interior car décor ideas and car decoration items into practise.

In this post, the pros have compiled a list of quick, easy, clever, and practical ideas and car seat accessories for designing a car interior on a budget. Here are a few excellent Indian-inspired car interior décor ideas that are affordable and incredibly simple to use and drastically alter how your car looks overall.

1. Vertical Planter

Especially since they have gained in popularity over the past ten years, plants have become an essential component of home décor. Obtain a tiny hanging planter and put a small plant, ideally a succulent, inside of it. You can feel like a part of nature by hanging some plants in your rear-view mirror.

If you’re concerned that you don’t have a green thumb, a beautiful selection of imitation plants is available online that appear natural and authentic.

2. The Jewellery You Prefer

It would be best if you didn’t wait for a special occasion to showcase a lovely pendant necklace or jewellery your partner gave you. You can hang a stunning piece of jewellery via the rear-view mirror as another incredibly simple, unique, and extraordinary idea to decorate a car interior. You can search for metal tones that go well with another automotive decor.

3. Phone Holder

The most helpful automobile accessory has to be a phone mount when you’re customising a car’s interior. A phone mount can radically improve your life and simplify commuting. You have to use your phone while driving countless times.

There are numerous occasions when you have to put your safety in danger, whether it be to answer a call, make a call, check-up instructions on a map, etc. To attach a fashionable phone mount to your dashboard, look for one with metal accents or complementary colours.

4. Artificial Air Fresheners

Nobody enjoys riding in a car that smells bad. A valuable and essential automotive addition is decorative air fresheners. They are available in various shapes, such as gel-based air fresheners ideal for the dashboard. The vibrant, distinctive shapes and styles of vent stick automobile air fresheners allow you to flap them on the A/C vent.

5. Seat Cushions

You must replace the seat covers when you’re customising a car’s interior. There are countless seat covers available to suit your preferences. If you want to give the space a happier feel, go with solid colours. 

Also, you can purchase seat covers that goes parallel to your design preferences. Another piece of advise is to select a colour for the seat covers that goes well with the exterior paint. It enhances the overall aesthetic of the car.

6. Steering Wheel Shield

One of the best ways to enhance the interior design of your car is by making an investment in a steering wheel cover. You can choose from multiple options to fit your vehicle. Besides from being beautiful to look at, it improves the comfort and grip of the steering wheel. For example, a leather steering shield offers both fashion and comfort.

7. Carpet Matting

Because floor mats are present, the car’s floor have guard against dirt and dust. Nonetheless, they may also function as adornments inside the car. The textures, designs, and colours of floor mats are always up for choice to align with your personal tastes. It’s one of the simplest methods there is to make your car’s interior better.

8. Ambient Illumination

Among the typical characteristics of modern cars is ambient lighting. It improves the interior’s appearance and atmosphere. If your vehicle lacks this feature, you can purchase customised LED light strips to achieve a comparable result. Place them on the door panels and beneath the dashboard. It enhances the cabin’s premium atmosphere, especially at night.

9. Organisational Pouches

Organiser pouches are yet another handy automotive item. Car seat storage pouches with attachments are pretty helpful. These automotive accessories include numerous bags for holding documents, water bottles, cell phones, etc.

For a car seat organiser that offers adequate room to store a lot of stuff and enhances the beauty of interior design, you may choose from plain colours and patterns with highlighted edge linings.


Although customising a car’s interior can give it a more individualised touch and increase its beauty and luxury, it doesn’t always have to be expensive. Keeping the car neat and organised will only enhance its charm and beauty. At Carorbis, we think that your vehicles deserve better than what the Indian auto industry is currently able to provide for automobiles and bikes. Thus, contact us for more advice if you’re customising a car’s interior.

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