Cute ice Cream Drawing For Kids | Ice Cream Drawing For Kids

Cute ice Cream Drawing For Kids | Ice Cream Drawing For Kids

Drawing For Kids, It might be a fantastic excuse to go outside for summer fun when hot days arrive! But sometimes, the heat can be a bit severe, and we want to cool off in these cases.

One of the best ways to do it is to indulge in some icy ice cream, and in this tutorial on how to draw a cartoon ice cream, we’ll be making a particularly fun rendition of this delicious delight! Drawing For Kids should make for a fascinating drawing challenge because our rendition of ice cream is unlike any you’ve ever seen in real life.

Cute ice Cream Drawing For Kids | Ice Cream Drawing For Kids

Step By Step Drawing For Kids


  • Draw two diagonal lines to represent the waffle cone’s contour. A triangle with rounded corners results.
  • Now let’s design some ice cream. Create an r-shaped curved line first; this will be part of the ice cream filling.
  • We will now discover how to swiftly and easily draw popsicle ice cream on a stick. This lesson for drawing ice cream is simple enough for novices. Let’s begin by sketching a rectangle with rounded corners.


  • We draw a sizable circle in the upper portion with a standard pencil.
  • Draw the filling layers now as they are seen in the image. Remember that the bottom layer is the longest, followed by the middle and top layers.
  • We are currently drawing a chocolate layer that covers the ice cream. Trust me; it’s easy.


  • Top it off with a cherry and a waffle tube.
  • Start outlining the frozen yogurt filling’s second side.
  • The only thing left to do is sketch the major lines with a pencil before drawing a stick.


  • involves drawing diagonal lines on the triangle that form the waffle cone’s design.
  • Complete the drawing on the second side of the filling to prepare it.
  • The drawing is finished with only that. Now color your drawing with your colored pencils. Post your popsicle drawings and comments if you like the class.


  • Draw a few scoops of ice cream that melt enticingly in the center of the circle. Additionally, add balls of candy sprinkles to your decorations. Let’s make some drops on the horn.
  • Now trace a cone-shaped form at the filling’s base; this will serve as the wafer tube.


  • Let’s start adding details and covering the outline lines in black ink. We use an eraser to remove the excess information.
  • Create the design displayed on the wafer tube.


  • We work on the ice cream cone with dark tones to give the ice cream cone volume.
  • Sharpen the pencil and use a black felt-tip pen to outline the ice cream drawing. At the conclusion, decorate the ice cream.
  • Put pink decorations on the ice cream filling. The waffle tube should be light and dark brown. The ice cream cone with yogurt filling has been drawn, and that’s all!


  • Apply paint to the wafer tube and a creamy layer of ice cream. We are now using beige and brown pencils.


  • Red and green paint is applied over more ice cream layers. We’ll create confectionary dressing in the shape of yellow balls with varying diameters.
  • We also used a red pencil to work on a berry. To add volume to the image, we add new shades.


  • We draw a shadow on the ice cream cone using a black pencil and a white marker or gel pen. The sketch is completed!
  • The coloring of the ice cream itself is the last and last step. Just add shadows instead; I chose to color the drawing and add paint, but you don’t have to. (Tip) Use the same coloring throughout.

You’ll discover how to design cartoonishly adorable ice cream in this tutorial! The lesson is divided into nine stages. a white sheet of paper, a basic grey pencil, and any colored writing instruments (crayons, felt-tip pens, pencils),

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