Deploy an Enterprise NFT Marketplace Using Oracle Blockchain

If you’re looking to deploy an enterprise NFT Marketplace on Oracle Blockchain, there are several options available. You can purchase a white-label solution from Oracle’s partners and customize it to meet your specific requirements. These solutions often include custom financial and accounting rules, user and content management policies, and other extensions. In this article, we’ll discuss each option and provide guidance on how to create an NFT marketplace app.


Oracle has announced that it will support native NFT support in its Blockchain App Builder for Oracle Blockchain Platform v22.2.1. This new version of the Blockchain App Builder extends the capabilities and benefits of the ERC-721 spec and includes a sample token template to get you started.

The Oracle Blockchain Platform provides a distributed record of NFT transactions and infrastructure for smart contracts. It is based on Hyperledger Fabric and can be operated as an independent service or part of a network. The solution can be configured using REST APIs and a web console.


If you’re looking to create an enterprise NFT marketplace, you’ve come to the right place. Xoom’s white-label NFT marketplace capability is based on Oracle Blockchain and is designed to meet enterprise requirements. The platform supports custom integrations, financial and accounting rules, and user and content management policies. In addition, a variety of features help you customize your marketplace to fit your organization’s needs.

For the NFTs, AP will share a portion of the revenue generated from the sale with Xoom. They’ll receive a 10 percent cut of the resale fee. This fee is lower than the transaction fees on Ethereum, which can be quite expensive.


Oracle Blockchain Platform provides APIs that facilitate buying and selling of NFTs. It also includes custodial wallets and ERC-721 smart contracts to help users manage and track transactions. This capability lets buyers and sellers buy and sell NFTs with a single application.

Oracle Blockchain Platform supports a range of blockchain use cases including asset tokenization, loyalty programs, supply chain, maritime shipping logistics, public sector, and customs and excise trade. The platform offers full interoperability with modern multi-vendor blockchain networks. It also offers easy bi-directional integration routes.


You can deploy an enterprise NFT Marketplace using the Oracle Blockchain Platform to record the ownership of digital content, such as unique images and virtual trading cards. It also works with traditional assets like real estate, investments, and product content. To build your NFT Marketplace, you will need a platform that supports blockchain and content management services.

Oracle Blockchain Platform offers a managed blockchain service, including a tamper-proof distributed ledger for NFT transactions, as well as infrastructure nodes for smart contracts. The platform is built on Hyperledger Fabric and can operate on its own or as part of a network of peers.

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