Dovetail EMR Software Pros And Cons

Dovetail EMR solution can fit the needs of small, medium, and large practices. It can be used by a variety of medical specialties, including endodontists, oral pathologists, prosthodontists, and general practitioners. Its customer list includes companies like Brady, Sony, and Sentry.


If you are considering buying an EMR system for your practice, there are a few things you should consider. One of the most important features to look for is the ease of use. This is important both for the software’s users and the patients. You should also consider the amount of support you will get from the company. Some providers provide after-hours support, and you should ask about their training and resource library. You should also ask about pricing and hidden fees.

The Dovetail Office system includes practice management features that will help you manage your practice. For example, you can schedule appointments, send automated patient notifications, and automate claims processing. These features will save your staff time. The software also has the ability to store and retrieve patient data anytime, anywhere. In addition, you can send electronic insurance claims and bill clients. The ConnectTM feature allows your office staff to communicate securely with each other and with patients.

The Dovetail EMR software costs start at about $1,200 for the self-hosted version and may include additional costs for training and additional features. The software supports a variety of devices, including desktop computers, mobile devices, and Apple Watch. It also has mobile apps for iOS and Android.

The cost of an electronic health record (EHR) system varies widely. It can range from $15,000 to $70,000 per provider. Costs also vary depending on how you choose to deploy your EHR. On-site deployment is more expensive than SaaS deployment. You may also need to pay for implementation assistance, including an IT contractor, attorney, or electrician. Additionally, you may need to hire a professional to help you convert old patient files to new ones and perform hardware/network installations. In some cases, you may be able to get free or reduced-cost implementation assistance.

A dovetail is an excellent option for smaller, high-tech practices. The software can be used on mobile devices, making it easy to take care of patients and documents. Dovetail also takes security very seriously, so you can rest assured that your data is protected online. If you have any questions, Dovetail offers a free trial so you can evaluate the software before making a decision.


Flexibility is an important feature to look for in EMR software. The best one will be able to reflect the unique characteristics of your practice and be flexible enough to change as your needs change. Dovetail is one such software solution. Moreover, it includes a mobile application so that you can access your patient records on the go.

If your EMR system is too rigid and you are unable to customize its features and functions, you may need a change. A flexible EMR solution will enhance productivity while dovetailing with your workflow. However, if you encounter increasing incompatibilities, this is a sign that your vendor has not provided any updates for the system in a while.

A dovetail is a cloud-based software that can be adapted to your practice size. Its pre-defined workflows increase efficiency and its automated tasks help save time. In addition to being flexible, it also helps improve the patient’s experience, making it a valuable tool for your practice. This software is ideal for small to mid-sized dental practices and dental specialists of all specialties.


The Dovetail EMR software is an EHR and cloud-based mobile EMR that offers a variety of features for physicians. Its cloud-based EMR design facilitates the complete process of exams, treatment plans, progress notes, and collaboration with other healthcare professionals. It is also designed to ensure that patient information and records remain confidential.

In the current climate of cyber security, healthcare organizations must ensure that their EHR software is secure. The first step to doing this is by ensuring that employees understand the security risks of malware. Employee training is essential, as malware usually infiltrates systems through phishing scams. Employees must know how to identify suspicious emails, and how to notify management if they receive them.

After installing EHR software, it is important to contact the vendor and request support if needed. If the vendor is not responsive, it may be time to consider another option. Another option is to contact an EMR/EHR consulting firm. These organizations can provide highly experienced professionals to help you make the right choice.


Among the most important features of an EMR is its interoperability with other systems. Many EMRs have limitations that limit their ability to communicate with other systems. For example, not all systems can understand the data that is sent to them. This means that what one system considers a “note” may be a “list item” in another system. Therefore, you will need to reconcile the information before incorporating it into your records. However, by ensuring interoperability, you will be able to make your workflow easier and more efficient.

Additionally, interoperability helps your practice improve patient satisfaction. Real-time data from other systems can make it easier to track patient progress and avoid costly duplicate tests and images. With interoperability, patient data is easily accessible to caregivers across a variety of settings, which can help reduce the need for repetitive tests, images, and lab draws. It also gives patients more control over their health information. Finally, interoperability also helps reduce administrative tasks related to capturing patient data. This is important because the overall purpose of electronic health records is to provide better care for patients and lower costs.

Dovetail EMR Software also supports Meaningful Use criteria and can connect with patient portals. This helps your practice qualify for federal stimulus money. By meeting the requirements of Meaningful Use, healthcare providers can receive federal stimulus money for improving patient care and access to patient information. As a result, Dovetail EMR Software is a great option for healthcare facilities.

EHRs should be interoperable with other EHRs so that patients can access their medical information from anywhere and at any time. This will improve patient care and reduce human errors. By enabling data sharing between EHR systems, health records can follow people throughout healthcare systems, enabling physicians and nurses to access relevant data at any point.

Widespread interoperability can help improve opioid prescription, reduce medical errors, and improve patient safety. Currently, nine percent of U.S. deaths are due to medical mistakes. This number is higher than in most developed countries. Therefore, interoperability should be a priority for healthcare organizations and providers.


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