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How Does an Employee Career Development Program Help in Reshaping the Organization?

Employees are the assets of any organisation, playing a key role in achieving its goals and objectives. Focusing on their growth and development is crucial to ensuring the business is moving in the right direction. Companies nowadays implement career development plans to help employees learn and upskill according to evolving workplace requirements. 

Not only does this enable managers to retain their top talents, but it also creates a work environment that fosters the employees’ as well as the organisation’s well-being. These employee development plans contribute to the progression of the company as a whole. In a way, it helps employees stay informed and perform even better at work. 

What is the Need for Talent Development Plans?

Working in an organization becomes monotonous and hectic if someone works in the same position with the same skill set for years. It further brings down the motivational level of employees and unravels the interest in work they used to have earlier. Subsequently, it will have a bad impact on the overall functioning of the organisation, and sooner or later, the productivity of employees will go down and so will the organization. 

Employee career development program that helps in improving the productivity of the workforce by developing their skills and knowledge so that they can achieve the position or job role they are interested in. This program helps employees gain and enhance skills, excel in current roles, and acquire new skills, knowledge, and experience to qualify for advancement work opportunities. 

An effective career development program also attracts and retains talented employees who are seeking continuous growth and learning opportunities. Instead of leaving the organization to search for new roles and responsibilities, they would stay with the company and keep providing benefits even in the new role, like they used to do earlier. 

Three Phases of Career Development Program

Career development is an ongoing process that continues as long as the employee is part of the organization. There are three phases of an effective career development program that start with i) Assessment Phase, ii) Direction Phase and iii) Development Phase

  • Assessment Phase: Identify the current skills, interests, and values of the employees.
  • Direction Phase: In this phase, the organisation tries to determine the career goals of the selected employee and the steps the employee should take to achieve the goals.
  • Development Phase: Using performance evaluation software, organsations now match the skills of employees with the skills required to achieve their career goals. Further, it provides training that includes coaching, monitoring, job rotation, to develop the required skills if needed. 

Benefits of Implementing an Employee Career Development Program

The benefits of employee career development programs are not limited to the employees; employers also witness improvements in various business aspects. Let’s have a look at how this helps in reshaping the organisation:

  • Encourage employees to work hard– When a career development program is implemented, it challenges the employees to do their best work. Since they have been assigned a goal to meet, they will work consciously to attain the said goals.
  • Inspire professional development among employees– Employees either want to grow vertically, which means getting promotions, or horizontally, which means transferring to another department or industry. No matter what they choose, professional development makes the employee love and respect their job. Talent management software helps to enable employee growth
  • Improve overall organizational performance– Along with providing the technical skills, career development programs also focus on soft skills like teamwork that need to be learned across industries. As their employee reaches the new position, they also learn how to cooperate with others and carry out a certain common goal. 

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In order to retain key employees or make the existing ones capable of new challenges, career development programs play an important role in this. Employees should be provided with a diverse improvement program to accommodate their changing needs and goals. 

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