Get a Free SSL Certificate with Hostbillo’s Linux Reseller Hosting Plans

Get a Free SSL Certificate with Hostbillo’s Linux Reseller Hosting Plans


Security is the key point that every user, visitor, business owner, reseller, etc. looks for. So, when it comes to protecting personal information, users go for secure options and websites. And, as a reseller, it becomes your top priority to provide the utmost security to every customer. People trust only those websites which provide top-quality services along with the best security for their sensitive financial data.

However, with an SSL certificate, you get the best security for your website. It protects the user’s data with utmost security. Any other user or hacker can’t hack it until you do something else on the server. There are a few providers who offer a free SSL certificate with the reseller plans and one of them is Hostbillo. So, in this guide, you will know about SSL certificates, Hostbillo company, and its Linux Reseller Hosting Plans.

What is an SSL Certificate and Why do Websites Need It?

An SSL certificate is a digital certificate and stands for Secure Sockets Layer that authenticates a site’s identity to the user and enables an encrypted connection. It is a protocol that creates an encrypted link between the web browser and the web server. Organizations or companies or websites need it as it secures users’ online transactions and keeps customer information private and secure.

People are now smart, as they which site is secure and not. Therefore, for the customers that you are working for and for your business also, you too have to be smart. An SSL certificate is the best option that you should have for your website for better transactions and customer trust.

Why Should Linux Hosting Resellers Add SSL Certificates to Their Sites?

For any business, it is important that the user and customers that visit your website trust it. It not only builds a good online presence but also its authority in terms of search engines increases. By adding an SSL certificate to your site, you are building a strong online presence for your Linux Reseller Hosting business. So, if you want more people can trust your business, you have to add some necessary tools and features that help customers to trust your website. As they are sharing their personal financial information with you, so now it’s your responsibility to safeguard it at any cost.

But this task becomes easy when you get Hostbillo’s Linux Reseller Hosting Plans. Because these plans come with a free SSL certificate that enables an encrypted connection. So, for this reason, you should have this certificate for your business website.

Hostbillo’s Best Linux Reseller Hosting Plans

Hostbillo’s Best Linux Reseller Hosting Plans

Hostbillo is a web hosting services provider that offers affordable and reliable hosting solutions. With a variety of hosting plans, you find top-notch hosting services. In addition to other hosting types, Hostbillo offers the best Linux Reseller Web Hosting plans. You’ll find a variety of hosting packages with different prices that helps a user to pick the best and most affordable web hosting plan. This plan includes the below-written features that are beneficial for your business.

Free SSL Certificate

Hostbillo provides a free SSL certificate with its affordable Linux Reseller Hosting Plans. The host knows the importance of your business and provides it free of cost as it builds the trust of your customers over your business. This certificate helps to keep the user’s information secure from outsiders and hackers. If you see a padlock icon next to the URL in the address bar, you know the website is protected by SSL.

Free WHM Access

For complete control over the web space, you need admin access. And, Hostbillo web host provides free Web Host Manager access with the Linux Reseller Hosting Plans. It helps you to easily manage the web server with unlimited customer accounts. However, you get a specific number of Cpanel accounts with the plans but you can manage all of them with WHM. Also, you can create, delete, or suspend, any Cpanel account of your customer at any time.

Softaculous One-Click Installer

To install many web applications for better management and security, you get a Softaculous one-click installer with the Linux Reseller Hosting Plans. It lets you install your desired applications and software with ease. As Linus is an open-source platform, so whichever application you opt for, is feasible with that. Also, with the help of the Softaculous installer, you can add applications within seconds. In addition, this is not a time-consuming process.


In the end, we can only suggest as it will be your responsibility to secure your site with whatever action you need to take. Providing the utmost security to your reseller website should be one of the main steps you need to consider. That’s why Hostbillo brings its Linux Reseller Hosting Plans with a free SSL certificate facility. It helps to build a trustable business so that visitors can believe in it.

Also, the company provides Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting services, so you can pick any plan that can fit with a free SSL certificate.

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