How Recent Instagram Changes Are Affecting Engagement?

Have you observed your Instagram engagement is affecting recently? If yes, don’t fret because it is not occurring to you. Here are the specs influencers and brands are experiencing declining engagement and poor ranking on the exploring page. First, you need to understand the significant factors that are weakening

Why is engagement declining on Instagram?

Engagement scales up or declines because of the number of comments, shares, likes, and views on posting content. Therefore, brands and influencers have declined engagement in the previous few years. Recently,

social media has introduced various changing regarding algorithms, features, and designs. All these factors are extensive changes and, of course, affect the engagement rate for users of every platform. Let’s understand the declining factors.

  • Advanced features

Instagram introduced two significant features in August and September 2020, like IG shopping and IG reels. The same updates appeared on Facebook, which is the parent company. Facebook updated new features. It was a home feed with Instagram operating various tests to sufficient parts and offering the best exposure to users to use them.

  • Algorithm setup

In the last few years, Instagram is turning away from chronological order to feed. However, the modification was designed for users to create content most relevant to the individual user. Even Instagram verified to attract more engagement on the platform.

But some users didn’t encourage this change regarding the Instagram algorithm. It is because people cannot see the content of small creators, family, friends, and unauthorized brands. They just see the posts of the largest brands that market through this platform.

  • User response

In recent years, Instagram has increased more features for IG users to offer Facebook access to ads and posts in their feeds. This response includes unfollowing suggestions and the potential to mute accounts.

These features could clean up all irrelevant users from the home feed and only allow their content to view by the relevant users. Besides, users can hide IG ads if they are unnecessary. Well, it usually occurs on all platforms. This response was declining the engagement and impressions of brands on this platform.

  • Poor content

Another updated feature of Instagram is the declining approach of that content if it is of poor quality. Poor contents mean copied content often carried from other sources without adding extra value. In short,

if you share the same content many times or use the content of other users without modifications, this platform will decline your content. Besides, that poor content has less engagement. And most significantly, fresh content without obvious information regarding the source is pushed down or deleted rather spread inappropriate content.

  • Engagement temptation

Recently, both Instagram and Facebook planned to clear about ‘engagement bait. The content incites users to connect with comments, shares, likes, and views that were part of the system.

Publishing such stuff can lead to penalizing your content from Instagram because it is a danger to the brand’s visibility. That was significant for various brands because they depend on ‘comment or like’, and Instagram considers it as ‘bait engagement’.

  • Bot removal

Another prominent cause why IG users are declining their engagement is because of removing bots and foreign accounts. It is because considered a spam profile. If you have good engagement from another account, it will prominently affect you. Another cause of Instagram change is detecting and deleting bot accounts.

  • Buying engagement and followers

If you buy likes and followers to enhance account visibility, it will affect engagement. As mentioned earlier, Instagram doesn’t allow fake accounts to boost engagement and followers. And even IG penalizes those accounts’ purchase likes and followers.

How to increase engagement on your Instagram account?

However, Instagram engagement is declining because of advanced features, algorithm changes, and more updates that this platform is planning. But influencers and brands can find several ways to increase engagement.

If you create high-quality content for a specific audience, you can get a high chance of visibility. Instagram wishes to keep happy users. Therefore, it wants exclusive content that can enjoy by specific people when shown in the feed corner. Here are practical tips to increase engagement on the Instagram platform.

  • Be active in your account

If you have high-quality content for your users, it will increase your engagement rate, and even it will display on other feeds. The Content consistency regarding stories, videos, and images will attract a massive audience. Be ready to reply to the comment of your followers because it will tempt them to see your posts.

  • Create stories regularly

Undoubtedly, Instagram stories are the perfect path to engage your followers correctly. Recent change design from the Instagram platform to become prominent on the feeds so that they can see first while opening an account. Be consistent with your content and schedule time table for posting different content.

  • Tempt users to share stories

Try to generate content that compels users to share with others because it will increase engagement among other users who are not following you. Think about striking topics that can attract users and are shareable.

  • Engaging hashtags and captions

The caption length has increased since 2016 because lengthy caption has good engagement. Instagram captions let you tag different brands and users.

Always use helpful hashtags that can access maximum users and confirm it relates to your original content theme. Instagram allows you to use 11 relevant hashtags for every new post.

Final verdict:

However, Instagram changes are upsetting engagement and are especially hazardous for brands and influencers. This app also allows you to grow your engagement rate through organic techniques that are the time taken but actually work. Always understand your audience before implementing any right strategy according to your content.

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