Garbage Drawing

How to Draw Garbage. What all people have in common is that we will inevitably produce a lot of garbage in our lives. This basket ranges from uneaten food to various packaging forms; whatever that is, you will need a basket or other item to store it in.

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While it’s not a pleasant sight to see junk in real life, it can be a surprisingly fun subject to draw. That’s what we want to find out in this guide to drawing garbage. By the end of this guide, you’ll be able to create your awesome Trash theme and even create your variations.

How to Draw Garbage

Step 1

Starting this tutorial on how to draw the basket, let’s start drawing the basket that will contain the basket. First, use straight, vertical lines for the sides of the basket. The line on the right will be a bit longer, and there will be a space at the bottom, as we will add some details later.

Then use some curved and straight lines for a relatively thick border at the top of the basket. Finish this step by dragging some more junk to the trash. We used a glass bottle and a fish skeleton on the left and will add more in the following steps.

Step 2

This trash can isn’t bad enough, so we’ll be adding more in the next few steps! First, we added another bottle in the middle of the basket rim.

Next, we’ll draw an open can along with some bones. Once we’ve added these junk items, let’s draw some flies buzzing around.

After drawing these flies, you can add a dashed line behind them to show the course they flew.

Step 3

As we continue this trash drawing guide, we’ll add more trash around the trash can and a few more details about the trash can itself. First, near the bottom left corner of the basket, we have a cup of coffee next to another good glass bottle.

So we drew the recognizable recycling symbol with some curled arrows. It can be difficult to draw, so try to copy it exactly as it appears in our reference image. When you have drawn all these aspects, we can move on to step 4 of the guide!

Step 4

We’ll keep things simpler in this fourth step of basket design. First, draw a straight horizontal line from the bottom of the bottle to the bottom of the basket.

At the end of this line, we draw half of a small thin oval shape. That’s all for this step, and in the next one, we’ll wrap up with some final details, elements, and details!

Step 5

You’ll soon be able to bring this image to life with paint, but first, we need to add some final details in this step of our how-to-draw garbage guide. We’ll complete the little pile of garbage in the bottom right by drawing an apple core with a few simple lines.

Draw Garbage

Add a few more small square pieces of trash next to it, and then we’ll draw the lid of the trash can next to it. This will be drawn as a slightly tilted thin shape, as shown in the reference image. Once these details are drawn, you’re ready to go with your ideas.

Many types of trash exist, so feel free to add more to this image! It wouldn’t be great to see a trash can overflow in real life, but it can create an even more interesting image.

Step 6

This is the final step of your basket design, and now you can finish it with some colors to bring it to life!

Garbage Drawing

In our reference image, we tried to use different colors throughout the image.

We used shades of green for the basket and then tried to incorporate many different color variations for the basket. 

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Your Garbage Drawing is Finished!

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