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How to motivate your children for independent learning?

Learning is not about a few years in school. It is a lifelong journey that begins from the pre-primary level and goes throughout their life. From learning numbers, alphabets, and rhymes to gaining proficiency in professional tools, every aspect is crucial and plays a significant role in growth and development. Parents must motivate their children to independent learning so that they can decide their own path and design a fruitful career for themselves. 

The Dubai Indian School that you choose for your child supports infusing independent learning skills in children. They plan exercises that automatically make a child an independent learner and improve their learning curve. So, it is appropriate that parent pays special attention during Indian high school admission and chooses the best school to help their child in the academic journey. Once the school is apt, there are some things you can do to motivate children for independent learning.

Tips for building independent learning skills in children

Creativity Corner at home

Create a creativity corner at home where your child tries different DIY things and does all the experiments he wants. It would be more like his private zone, where he can try various things and learn concepts independently. Make them accountable for cleaning and maintaining their zone so that it infuses a sense of independence in them.  

Defined Homework Routine

Ensure your child has a defined homework routine with a fixed spot where he sits to study. When the kids know all the details about their homework routine, their performance actually improves. Make sure you divide their homework session into intervals and keep small breaks in between to ensure children don’t get bored and that their grasping power improves. 

Give Freedom to Work

You have to let your child enjoy his creative freedom if you want to motivate them for independent learning. There can be multiple possible ways to solve a problem. So, just because your child does it uniquely doesn’t mean he is not doing it right. Let your child study alone and come to you only if he requires help. Then, when they do not have anyone watching over them or telling them how to solve a problem, they learn their own ways to figure out things. 

Positive Reinforcement

Rewards are excellent, and everyone, irrespective of age, like getting them. So, when you see your child becoming an independent learner, appreciate them through the rewards. Ensure that the prize you give is not always monetary, as that would be more like teaching them that it is ok to bribe. This positive reinforcement works volumes for motivating your child to be an independent learner.

Mistakes are Fine

Learning is a journey, and it is fine to make mistakes on the way. So, convey to your child that it is ok to make mistakes and that the only thing that matters is that he tried. Then, guide them to accept their mistakes, learn through them and move on to be independent learners. 

Self Evaluation Practices

There are activities that every Dubai Indian school conduct to push children towards self-evaluation. This way, children learn to dig deeper and understand their own mistakes to learn from them and use them to improve their skills. At the time of Indian high school admission, make sure you confirm with the school that they work towards arranging these exercises to make your child an independent learner.

These simple yet effective tips can help motivate independent learning in your child. Make sure you follow them religiously and stay vigilant to ensure your child shows positive changes. It is fruitful to verify that your strategies are working fine. Otherwise, you would have to try different things to get desired results.

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