How to Test a Push Button Switch with a Multimeter

Troubleshooting and testing devices to assess their condition is crucial when dealing with electrical parts or in an electrical setting. A multimeter is essential to any toolkit due to its widespread application in testing electrical components. In this manual, we will cover the fundamentals of using a digital multimeter to check the functionality of electrical components.

This tutorial will show you how to use a multimeter to check the functionality of a push-button switch.

Let’s get into it.

A Multimeter: What Is It?

A multimeter a device used to evaluate the condition of an electrical device by measuring its performance across multiple parameters. A multimeter a tool used in the electronic repair that can help pinpoint the location of a problem with electronic wiring and diagnose the problem’s nature or point a technician in the right direction.

How to test a push button will using a Multimeter

While multimeters make it simple to instantly test the health of many different types of electrical components, mastering the art of setting up and using one is essential for getting reliable results. As a first step, you need to identify the kind of test you’ll be conducting so you can adjust the environment accordingly. Choose the Ohms range if you want to check the resistance and either the AC or DC range if you will check the voltage.

When using a multimeter, the most crucial consideration is picking a range or voltage that exceeds the work value of the tested component. These precautions will guarantee a precise reading and promote the security of tools and equipment. Last but not least, before disassembling a device for testing or troubleshooting, it is always a good idea to unplug it from its power supply.

Put the switch or button where you can turn it on. Hook up the probes of the multimeter to both terminals of the push or switch button and set the multimeter to the resistance setting. A ‘0’ result expected from this test. 

So, you need to turn it off by pressing the button or switching it to the “OFF” position before trying it again. A result of “infinite” expected from this check. A faulty switch or button would return a value of 0 to both tests or infinity to both tests.

It takes no genius to figure out how to use a multimeter to check a switch. But it can be fatal if you need to learn how and where to test it safely. To properly test a switch or breaker, one must first understand how it works.

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