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How to use Amazon Sponsored Products to drive sales

Big or small, it’s critical for sellers to fully comprehend the range of advertising options provided by Amazon. And it is especially necessary for light of the escalating competition. Amazon Sponsored Products are advertisements that are specifically targeted at a particular phrase or product and link to the product detail page. In terms of content, Sponsored Product ads are only tangentially editable. You can generate them automatically from the advertised product listing.

Sponsored-Products are regarded as the primary performance marketing channel on Amazon. More so, it is also a significant source of income for both vendors and merchants. Because of their prominent placement in the search results on Amazon, Amazon Sponsored Products adverts are seen by a large number of potential buyers. 

By using Amazon Sponsored Products ads in particular, you may put your goods in front of customers who are farther along in the buying process (the lower funnel). This indicates that these customers are more likely to make a purchase. It is because they are already aware of the goods they want.

In contrast, a wider spectrum of consumers with different levels of buy intent would be the target of your ads on Google or Facebook.

In addition, Amazon Sponsored Products are (still) cheaper and much simpler than Google Ads. As a result, it’s not too difficult to start using Sponsored Ads as your Amazon Marketing Services. In this guide, we will be telling you how you can use sponsored products to increase your sales on amazon. 

What is a Sponsored Products ad?

Before we dive deep into this guide, let’s first focus on what exactly amazon sponsored product ads are. A sort of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on Amazon is Sponsored-Products advertising. They provide you with the option to bid for certain keywords to get the most visibility possible in Amazon search results, even on the day your product launches. You pay a tiny price for each click on your advertisement, as the term “PPC” suggests. 

The prominence of Sponsored-Products advertising on the website and their resemblance to organic listing thumbnails make them very alluring. The most popular ad type on Amazon is Sponsored Products since, unlike Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Brands Video, or Sponsored Display advertisements. You do not need to be brand registered to use them. Around 74% of independent seller use Sponsored Products advertising. 

How does sponsored product advertising operate and drive sales? 

Sponsored-Products ads are a PPC advertising type; therefore, you will compete with other suppliers for visibility to potential clients. You have a lot of control over your daily advertising budget. It is because you choose the amount you wish to spend with each click on each specific target.

Ads for Sponsored Products operate as follows:

 For your ad to appear in Amazon search results, you must first create a set of relevant keywords or goods. You want them to click on your ad, find it relevant to their search, and navigate to your product detail page. The location of your adverts will then be determined by an algorithm. But before that, you need to tell Amazon how much you want to spend per click. 

It’s possible for Sponsored-Products to show up at the top of search results, mixed in with organic listings later down the page, or even on the product detail pages of your rivals.

Types of Amazon advertisements you can use to drive your sales:

Promotional Product Ads

You can see Amazon-sponsored product advertisements on individual product pages as well as at the top, side, or within Amazon search results. They increase the exposure of specific products and direct people to product pages on Amazon.

To take advantage of these advertisements, you need to have a strong track record. You must have products that are suitable for the Amazon Buy Box. Moreover, you also must have competitively priced products. 

Sponsored Brand Ads

Amazon’s sponsored brand ads go further than product ads in attracting new customers to your store. They frequently include a logo that links to your Amazon storefront and, on occasion, a collection of your line’s goods.

Your brand recognition will benefit from Amazon-sponsored brand advertisements. Users are more inclined to peruse your products and remember your name if they click through. These advertisements are perfect for brand-focused companies seeking sustained customer loyalty rather than one-time sales.

Featured Sponsored Ads

Selling via third-party applications and websites is now possible thanks to sponsored product display adverts on Amazon. This option is only accessible to specific merchants at this time because it is still in experimental testing. This new option is distinct from sponsored product ads and brand advertisements. It also employs keywords to target consumers. It targets advertisements depending on consumer behavior.

How do you target sponsored products to drive sales?

Manual Targeting

You have more control over the keywords or goods your campaign will target if you choose the manual option. A list of suggested keywords is also available from Amazon, or you can come up with your own. Even individual keyword bids can be customized.

When you are aware of the precise search words that clients use to find your sort of goods, employ keyword targeting. With the use of a tool, you may locate important and popular keywords.

Automatic Targeting

Based on the details of your listing, Amazon can decide which keywords or products your campaign will target by using the automatic targeting option. Before crafting your listing, conduct extensive keyword research if you want to employ automatic targeting to make sure Amazon chooses actually important targets only.

An automatic campaign may be put up in a matter of minutes, making it a wonderful choice for new merchants. Your campaign will gather sufficient data over time that you can utilize to improve your campaigns.

Automatic campaigns are also a cunning approach to conducting further keyword research. It is because Amazon can choose a keyword you’ve never considered as a target. 

You may view each automatically produced target. You can even view the amount spent on it and the number of sales it generated within your advertising campaign.

Sellers can now start the same ads to different Amazon marketplaces where you are selling the same products. It is all thanks to automatic targeting campaigns. Amazon will match products to your budget in the local currency. Then it will translate it to that currency and recommend bids for each marketplace.

How can I create a campaign for Amazon Sponsored Product Ads and drive sales?

Step 1: Navigate to Amazon Seller Central’s Campaign Manager:

Make sure you are on the Amazon Sponsored Products tab, not the Headline Search Ads tab, in Amazon Seller Central’s Campaign Manager. 

Step 2: Select “Create Campaign.”

Add a good and relevant image to your description in the HowTo section. 

Step 3: Set your campaign’s name, budget, and length 

Set your campaign’s name, spending limit, and duration. We advise using your Target ACoS and the name of the sponsored products in the campaign titles.

Step 4: Choose if you want to launch a manual or automatic targeting campaign. 

All that’s left to do is choose whether to execute an automatic or manual targeting campaign. 


Amazon is a great eCommerce site for online retailers to make money. However, it requires a lot of strategy and focus. In this guide, we have helped out with generating sales by using amazon sponsored products. 

Visit virtual assistant services near me to get started with Amazon Sponsored Products. Keep an eye out for any specials that Amazon may be doing where you can sign up and receive free credit toward your ads. However, Amazon’s FAQ area has a lot of knowledge, but it is preferable to follow a step-by-step tutorial. 

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