Write 10000 Words Dissertation Within One Week

How to Write 10000 Words Dissertation Within One Week?

Do you think you have mastered all types of academic writing by working on college essays and assignments? No, you have not masted anything yet. The reason is that a dissertation, the king of all writings, is still on the way. Little do you know how to tackle this humongous and enormous 10000 words document.

Know that writing a 10000 words dissertation requires following a strict timetable and some solid pre-defined plan. It is not an overnight task that you complete within one night and get an A+. Although completing a dissertation in one week is also impossible, today’s article is going to give you a 7-day plan for writing a 10000 words dissertation. Along with the plan, there will also be a mention of some tips that can help you complete your dissertation within the deadline. Hence, let’s jump straight into the topic by explaining the plan first.

7-Day plan to finish a dissertation

A dissertation is not like an ordinary college essay or an assignment. Typically assigned in the final year of your degree, this document is something very difficult to complete. The reason is that it requires extraordinary research and writing skills. The expected length of a dissertation is around 10000 to 30000 words. However, a plan for completing 10000 words dissertation is as follows as shared by experts of the best dissertation writing services:

1. Day 1 – Brainstorm the research ideas and select one

Having a research topic is the first and most important thing. Without a topic, you cannot write a dissertation. So, devote the first day to brainstorming the potential topics for your dissertation. Along with brainstorming, exploring the literature is also very beneficial in choosing a dissertation research idea. Also, do not forget to turn the pages of coursework upside down to find a topic. Once a topic of interest is found, stick to it.

2.      Day 2 & 3 – Start the research on the selected topic

Day 2 & 3 is all about starting to research the selected topic. Spending 2 days at this crucial stage of writing a dissertation is enough. On day 2, only look for the research papers published in your research area and read their abstracts. Do not go for the google search engine search at this stage. Collect as many related research papers as possible. The very next day, i.e., on the 3rd day, start analysing the research papers and unpacking the themes and patterns present in them. Alongside this, do a little bit of google search. The 3rd day must end with having all the relevant material ready.

3.      Day 4 – Create an outline of the dissertation

Do not underestimate the power of creating an outline of your dissertation. Create a plan or outline of your dissertation by looking at the contents available and the parts of a dissertation. Assign each chapter a word count and strict guidelines. The benefit of making a guideline is that it does not allow you to get off track and keeps you moving in the right direction until you achieve the desired goal.

4. Days 5 & 6 – Start drafting the dissertation

Until now, you have all the research material and a solid plan. Now, what is next? The next thing is to start drafting the 10000 words dissertation. Spend the next two days creating the first draft. Wake up early in the morning and start writing the dissertation. Your target should be writing 5000 words a day. Do not worry; it is easily achievable if you have all the things ready. Hence, spend days 5 and 6 drafting the dissertation by writing 5000 words each day.

5. Day 7 – Edit, Proofread and get feedback

Day 7 is all about editing and proofreading your dissertation. Normally, you need some break after creating the first draft, but as you have less time to deliver the dissertation, start this process right after the writing process ends. So, start early in the morning and edit and proofread the 10000 words dissertation for typos, grammatical, and contextual mistakes. Do not just rely on your document editing; send it to a friend or family member for feedback. Take that feedback into consideration and edit it again to finish your dissertation writing process.

Solid tips for writing a dissertation within one week

Whether you were given a month or a couple of months to complete your dissertation, the fact is that today you have 7 days left. Hence, a brief description of the tips to follow to complete 10000 words dissertation in 7 days is as follows:

1.      Divide and rule

Writing a dissertation in 7 days is very challenging, but you can complete it by employing the divide-and-rule principle. This principle tells you to divide the large pieces into smaller ones and start the solution by solving the smaller ones. In the same way, divide your dissertation into smaller sections if you want to complete it in 7 days. After the division, work on each section separately.

2.      Ask your friends to contribute

Your friends can greatly help you when completing a 10000 words dissertation in one week. Take help from your friends who are free and have knowledge of doing a dissertation. You can ask them to do the editing of your dissertation chapter for you once you have completed it. This way, you can complete your dissertation in a week easily.

3.      Do not compromise on sleep

This is a million-dollar tip that no one will give you. Sound sleep is imperative to completing a dissertation on time. It is why when you have a short time to submit a dissertation, make sure that you wake up early in the morning and sleep early in the evening. The reason is that your mind works better when you have full hours of sleep.


Conclusively, completing a 10000 words dissertation within one week is challenging but not impossible. By following the plan mentioned above, you can easily finish the dissertation in 7 days. Also, ensure to have a sound sleep before your start working on a dissertation. Take help from your friends; after all, a friend in need is a friend indeed.

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