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iPhone Repair Varanasi: Ways to Fix an iPhone 7 that Freezes on the Apple Logo

It is a hassle when your iPhone 7 becomes stuck on the Apple logo and refuses to load the Home Screen.  The good news is that your iPhone is unlikely to be damaged for which you need to go for an iPhone repair Varanasi. When the Apple logo remains stuck on your iPhone 7 screen, you have a few options.

In this article, we’ll go over the various reasons why your iPhone 7 can be stuck on the Apple logo and how to solve it.

Why Does Your iPhone Freeze on the Apple Logo and Doesn’t Turn On?

If your iPhone 7 won’t turn off and is stuck on the Apple logo, try not to panic. You might be surprised to learn how regularly this occurs. Most of the time, visiting a professional is not necessary. You might be surprised to learn how regularly this occurs. Instead of taking your phone to a repair shop, you could usually fix it yourself.

Let’s start by examining the reason your iPhone 7 is stuck on the Apple logo. Your iPhone 7 won’t continue booting past this point for a number of reasons, including:

The software of the phone has become corrupted. This issue can occur during data transfer or while updating an earlier iPhone model to the most recent iOS software.

  • The iPhone had been jailbroken, which might have caused software issues including a boot loop.
  • You may have dropped your iPhone 7 and damaged some internal components or hardware as a result of the accident.
  •  You used an iCloud or iTunes backup to restore or transfer damaged files.

How to Unlock an iPhone 7 That Freezes on the Apple Logo?

There is a wealth of information on the internet on how to fix the iPhone 7 screen of death. The reality is that there isn’t a single solution that works for everyone. Here are a few iPhone 7 repair options to assist you to fix an iPhone that’s stuck on the Apple logo screen.

1. Force Restart Your iPhone 7

Forcing your iPhone 7 to restart can help you solve the problem. Different iPhone models, on the other hand, require different restart techniques.

For an iPhone 7, press and hold the Side and Volume Down buttons at the same time. Before releasing go, wait a few seconds for the phone to reboot and the Apple logo to appear.

It’s typical for the screen to flash before powering down during the rebooting process. It will restart without being stuck in a boot loop. Although this approach solves the majority of problems, it may not work in some cases.

2. Do a Factory Restore

If your iPhone 7 won’t turn on, you can consider restoring it to factory settings. However, try this only after you’ve exhausted all other possibilities. This choice will completely wipe your phone’s data. If you have a backup of your iPhone 7’s data on your computer or iCloud, recovering your data will be relatively easier.

You will lose all your data if you do not have a backup when you complete this step.

To perform a factory restore, go into Recovery Mode as described in the previous stages. However, instead of updating your iPhone 7, you must now choose the Restore option on your computer.

3. Try a DFU Restore

Device Firmware Update mode (DFU mode) is an iPhone recovery option that replaces any missing or corrupted software and firmware with new code. Hence, it may be able to assist your phone in recovering from major problems.

Connect your iPhone 7 to a computer with an Apple-approved USB cord. Then, follow the steps below.

  •  Press and hold the Side and Volume Down buttons at the same time.
  •  Before releasing the Side button, keep both of these buttons pressed for eight seconds.
  •  Hold the Volume Down button down until your computer recognizes your phone.

Ensure that the screen remains black after completing the final step for each iPhone 7 model. If it does, your system has entered DFU mode, and you should now follow the on-screen instructions.

If you see the iPhone 7 screen or the iTunes icon, the phone is in Recovery Mode. Connect your iPhone 7 to your computer again and follow the steps below. Make sure you get the timing correct this time.

4. Reinstall iOS

If the force restart does not work, try reinstalling iOS rather than forcing a restart. There’s a strong likelihood that an update on your iPhone 7 was interrupted, causing the iOS to become corrupt.

Connect your iPhone 7 to a computer using a USB cable. Open Finder first if you’re on macOS Catalina or later. Open iTunes instead if you’re on a Windows PC or a Mac running macOS Mojave or earlier.

In Finder or iTunes, look for your iPhone 7. Once it’s connected, follow the steps above to forcibly restart it, and keep holding the buttons involved in the process until you reach the iPhone 7’s recovery Mode screen, which displays a computer icon.

Choose Update when presented with the update or restoration options. Without erasing your data, your computer would download and reinstall iOS.


If you’ve exhausted all the following alternatives, it’s time to have your iPhone 7 professionally fixed at an iPhone repair Varanasi. If your iPhone 7 is still under warranty, Apple should fix it for free if it hasn’t been damaged in any other manner, such as by fluids.

Your iPhone 7 repair will disclose hidden hardware problems. For example, Your phone’s logic board could be broken and in need of replacement, which would explain why it was stuck on the Apple logo.

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