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iPhone Screen Repair: iPhone screen dims randomly? Ways to fix this issue

Does iPhone brightness keep dimming? It becomes difficult to use your iPhone and enjoy multimedia content when the screen dims at random. If you experience a similar issue, before you decide to take your iPhone to an iPhone screen repair center, you can try the below tips which can help resolve the problem and make your iPhone brighter.

Why does my iPhone keep dimming?

To conserve battery, your iPhone might dim the display. This is a typical occurrence. However,  for most users, the primary reason for an unusually dimmed iPhone screen is an accessibility feature known as Reduce White Point. When this is turned on, the brightness of vivid colors is markedly diminished, making the iPhone screen appear dark.

Other possible causes include an iPhone screen defect, a glitch in iOS, a problem with auto-brightness, and more. But before continuing, think about the following fundamental factors that could constitute the problem.

1. Do you have a screen protector on that makes the screen dim?

Several matte or low-quality screen protectors lessen the brightness. If you have one, you might want to remove it or replace it with a better screen protector from any service center for iPhone screen replacement India. The same goes for plastic screen lamination/protectors.

2. Are you using a non-Apple display?

Have you ever had your cracked iPhone’s screen changed on the cheap by an unapproved, questionable, or untrustworthy service facility? If so, they might have chosen a dim display of poor quality.

In this case, taking your phone to an Apple-authorized repair facility or at the very least one with a solid reputation and positive customer evaluations will get you a better screen. Find a nearby iPhone screen repair shop with positive reviews or discuss this with your friends.

3. Is an app lowering the screen brightness?

Use an app that automatically decreases the screen brightness when you are inside it, such as a video, photo, or gaming one. If so, spend a moment looking through the app’s settings and make sure all screen brightness and customization options are disabled.

Ways to stop iPhone dims automatically

  1. Increase the brightness and turn off auto-brightness

The first step is to manually boost the iPhone screen brightness, which you are aware of. From the Control Center or Settings, you can perform this.

To increase brightness via Control Center:

  1. Swipe downward from the upper right corner of an iPhone with Face ID (where the battery icon is).
  2. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen on an iPhone with a Home button.
  3. The sun-shaped brightness slider should be moved upward.

To increase brightness via Settings:

  1. Activate Settings, then select Display & Brightness.
  2. To the right, move the BRIGHTNESS slider.

Alternatively: You can disable auto-brightness to maintain the manually adjusted screen brightness. This will stop varied illumination from automatically adjusting the brightness. As a result, you will need to manually change the iPhone’s brightness via the Control Center or Settings app.

Continue to the next step if your iPhone’s brightness continues to fade even with auto-brightness turned off.

4. Turn off Dark Mode, True Tone, and Night Shift

Disable Dark Mode, True Tone, and Night Shift Dark Mode makes the iPhone screen’s text appear white on a black background. Dark mode helps you conserve battery life if you have an iPhone with an OLED screen, such as an iPhone X, XS, XS Max, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, or any model from the 12 series.

True Tone: This automatically adjusts the iPhone 8 and later model’s display according to the ambient lighting conditions. True Tone ensures that there’s colour consistency in all environments. The night shift feature reduces blue light and changes the screen’s hue to a softer orangish one. This, according to Apple, might improve your ability to sleep.

You might find that your screen feels more calming and aesthetically pleasant if you disable certain display choices. If you have similar preferences, follow the instructions below to switch them off and assess whether you now like the screen.

  1. Tap Display & Brightness in the open iPhone Settings menu.
  2. Under APPEARANCE, select Light to disable Dark Mode.
  3. Toggle True Tone off.
  4. Select Night Shift, then turn off each of the green switches.

All three of these options can be enabled and disabled via the Control Center. You can access the icons at the bottom by pressing the brightness slider.

Tip: If your iPhone screen dims after 30 seconds, tap Auto-Lock inside Display & Brightness settings. Next, select a different choice from 30 seconds. The phone display will automatically darken and lock after 30 seconds if you enable Low Power Mode, though.

5. Restart your iPhone

Sometimes a simple restart can successfully resolve even the most difficult problems. Turn off your iPhone now before looking at the other options. Restart it once a minute has passed.

Closing Thoughts

Finally, if nothing else works, try clearing all the settings. This will delete all the settings you have customized. Everything will return to its initial state. Your personal information, such as applications, pictures, videos, music, and other items, won’t be impacted by this. If you still face problems you can show your iPhone to an authorized iPhone screen repair center.

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