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Latest And Classy Types Of Traditional Attire For Men

The season for the nuptials has arrived! The wedding of one relative or another is frequently attended by all of India during the winter months. After all traditional wear, gathering with friends and family in this happy celebration while enjoying delectable cuisine and stunning outfits is what everyone looks for. Additionally, posting Instagram stories and updating the feed is usually a norm that everyone follows. For this, planning your outfits in advance is the right thing to do. Do you have any doubts about understanding the dialect of traditional clothing? As we walk you through the various styles of traditional Indian clothing for men, rest assured and get ready to rock your most fashionable self this wedding season.


The Kurta is the standard top of selection for ethnic wear for men. Men’s kurta It is a very loose and airy shirt-like cloth that reaches the knees.  Generally, kurtas lack collars, while contemporary fashions may include designer collars instead. The kurta’s sleeves are open and uncuffed and fall to the wrists without tapering. While this was all about the kurta, but how do you wear it? The most essential to it is the bottom – pair it with pants or churidars for a complete look. If you find it challenging to pair, go with a ready kurta pyjama set instead.


The majority of traditional dress for men is paired with an ancient garb called the dhoti. You might be wondering about who wears dhoti in this generation – but let us tell you, it is still trending. For instance, a western kurta on an Indian dhoti makes a perfect indo-western dress for the groom.  Dhoti is made of about 4.5 metres of cloth which is wrapped around the legs and waist. Don’t know how to tie a dhoti. you can Well, take readymade dhotis as it can be worn just like pants.

Sherwani: To be precise, the sherwani is like a long jacket. They are renowned for their imperial and refined demeanour. It is age-old clothing that was worn by kings as well. However, this is not it! Sherwanis are supposed to be worn with ideal bottoms. For instance, pair it with a dhoti or churidar for a completely conventional look. Similarly, you can club it with pants for a little modern touch. Remember to check out indo-western sherwani or jodhpuri if you are planning for something unique this wedding season.


We hope you are now clear about some trending ethnic wear for men. These are the latest ones that you can adorn fabulously this wedding season. When someone plan to shop, don’t forget to visit Kora as they have an extensive collect, Our is loaded website is loaded with endless possibilities of of traditional wear consisting of, sherwanis, indo-westerns, bandi sets, jodhpuris and a lot more. So, shop for the wedding season today as you got to be the best of all!

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