5 On-Site SEO Factors That Matter Most

5 On-Site SEO Factors That Matter Most

Google considers some core ranking factors whenever it comes to search engine optimization. You may have already heard about some or many SEO factors until now. This article will narrow down five SEO factors that matter most for on-site. You should also know that not everything we do for SEO is about ranking. There is a slight difference in ranking factors and SEO factors. Therefore, you need to know that SEO is more than just reaching the top google results.

Most of us ignore the optimization of the user’s experience. This article aims to let you know the five key on-site SEO factors and how to put them to work best for you. Some factors are crucial for ranking, and others enhance your audience’s experience, boost your brand’s voice, and more.

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1. Content:

Having content on your website is not enough to rank it for the particular keywords you are targeting. According to Ahrefs, approximately 91% of online content generates no web traffic from Google. Why is that? Have you ever thought about it?

Content creation is indeed an art, and to make your online content more appealing to your audience, you must publish relevant content to target the user intent. Knowing and keeping your content relevant to user intent is indeed the future of SEO development.

Google is working to better understand the semantics of user searches. We have some websites offering answer boxes, filtered search results, and different panels on the site that increase the user’s engagement.

Keep your content relevant; otherwise, it will be devalued.

2. User Engagement:

Generally, we create websites for people and search engines, of course. Therefore, it is always a good practice to take a look at your website and its content in terms of engagement and how tempting the content is.

To optimize your website for this, you should analyze the pages considering high bounce rates and encourage long-duration sessions or even more pages per session. Another way is to create a call-to-action (CTA) to promote conversation.

You can also take help or ask for SEO services in Dubai or wherever you live. They will explain and help you know how important user engagement is and plays a crucial role as a ranking factor for Google.

3. Technical Structure:

Another crucial SEO factor for on-site is the technical structure and how it impacts keyword ranking and user engagement. Most experts believe that Technical SEO is the foundation of SEO, where you find everything is built. It indicates that without a strong technical base, your content building can stumble.

  • Security: Your site’s security is important. Therefore, your website needs to be HTTPS secured. It is, in fact, a crucial part of the on-site ranking factor for google.
  • Crawlability: The website has to be crawled to get indexed on Google. So, search engine crawlers access only those links that are added to your sitemap and are available from your site’s homepage. Always make sure your website is easily crawlable.

4. Interlinking:

Interlinking on a site is crucial from different SEO perspectives, such as content, link building, crawlability, UX, and IA. If technical SEO is considered the foundation of a site, then interlinking is the door that enables users to move from one place to another.

But as the website gets older and trends change, it becomes quite challenging to maintain the consistency and a solid structure of internal links.

  • Deep Links: Deep linking is one of the popular and best practices. It includes linking orphaned pages on your website from some other higher-level page with the sole aim of passing the authority from one page to another. It also ensures the pages get indexed.

You might want some guidance or help from platforms that can find solutions to your problems. So, check out agencies that offer SEO services in Dubai, Asia, America, or across the globe.

5. Mobile Optimization:

Every person uses a mobile to skim through different sites, making the website important to be mobile-friendly. Mobile-first indexing is one of the top Google ranking factors, and it needs to be updated before desktop indexing.

The device dimensions need to be considered while designing the website for mobile users. Another important factor here is to keep in mind how users surf on a mobile device.

Generally, the most crucial mobile optimization factors are fast page speed and mobile-friendly design. Your website gets boosted when the user finds it easy to scroll the pages and read what they are looking for.

Let Some Expert SEO Agencies Help You Out!

These aforementioned SEO factors will definitely help you build and understand the foundation of on-site SEO during your upcoming audit. SEO is constantly changing, and therefore, it requires you to keep a close eye on the latest updates in algorithms.

In case you do not have any idea about what to look for and what to follow, you must consider taking help or guidance from an SEO agency like SpiralClick. They know how to build, maintain and optimize your website.

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