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The Benefits of Goat milk in Skincare

In any kitchen, we’re willing to believe that you’ll find a container of olive oil in there. It’s a “go-to” staple ingredient for reasons that are well-founded. Emollient, soft, and full of beneficial properties goat milk soap olive oil is what we use when making the goat milk products, such as soaps made from goat’s milk and milk baths as well as body scrubs.

If it’s good enough for The Queen…

Olive oil has been utilized for its natural skin care benefits. It is said that the beauty queen, Cleopatra, took olive oil baths (as well as honey and milk… Mmm!) The idea of bathing in milk and olive oil is what we imagined when we came up with the milk bath. After just one bath in the bath looking as glamorous as Cleopatra and confident and ready to rule! Let’s review the advantages of olive oil in your skincare routine.

Olive oil is among our top skin superfoods. With a high concentration of antioxidants, olive oil is able to soothe skin from irritations, such as breakouts, rashes, and dryness. Its antifungal properties have been identified to aid in preventing infections. Olive oil also contains Goat milk lotion beneficial vitamins for your skin, such as Vitamin A, E, D, and K. These vitamins help in the growth of cells as well as brighten the skin, and provide protection from damaging UV radiation.

There are two amazing compounds that are found within olive oils: The compound squalene and oleocanthal.


Squalene is an antioxidant that is natural while olive oil is full of it! The skin contains squalene. However, due to being exposed to ultraviolet light. As well as other environmental stresses the natural supply of this antioxidant to fight free radicals become diminished. If you use products that contain. An organic source of olive oil, you will be able to maintain that protective layer up.

Olive oil has 30% more squalene than other oils. And as much as 500 percent more than other antioxidant-rich food items. Squalene can also be a natural emollient making the skin soft and smooth. A study has found olive oil may aid in the fight against skin cancer. This study found that olive oil was applied to mice’s skin after exposure to cancer-causing ultraviolet radiation. The results indicated that applying olive oil assisted in fighting the cancerous cells that reside were present on the skin. This could be due to the high amount of Squalene.

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