The Legend of Aokigahara, the “Forest of Horrors”

At the base of Fuji is a large, verdant forest. When seen from above, the swaying trees of the Aokigahara forest Provoking images of the ocean. Therefore the area is also referred to as Jukai, or Sea of Trees.

Below, you can make out little caves and rough landscapes. On top of the hardened lava that formerly flowed there, mossy roots have taken hold.

Because the soil has a lot of iron, GPS and cell phone signals are messed up. Use this GPS app, so you don’t get lost in this area without service. It’s easy to become disoriented in this neighborhood. We strongly advise guests to stay on the designated walkways.

The Suicide Forest of Aokigahara

It’s unclear how Aokigahara became known as a “suicide forest.” Posters line multiple trails in the woods, pleading with people who are suicidal to receive help and reconsider their minds. Yes, according to legend, it is a woods ghost. These ghosts may be people who died violently and couldn’t get to the next world because they didn’t have the proper ceremonies.

At Aokigahara, subacute—leaving an old or infirm family member to die—may have occurred. Few sources support such claims.

Why do so many people commit suicide here?

Due to its negative reputation, it is hard to tell how much of an outcome the area of Aokigahara has on its visitors. Is the woodland so well-known that suicidal people flock there? Alternatively, would they have gone anyway? The answer probably draws from both of these.

Natural factors, however, provide an air of unease in the area. To begin with, the porous volcanic rock that forms the basis of the forest is a crucial factor. This means it acts as a sound absorber, creating an eerily quiet and serene forest.

The denseness of the forest in certain places contributes to the eerie silence. This also shows that getting lost in the woods is easy if you’re not with someone who knows the area well. Signs remind guests always to use the designated paths.

Magnetism is a common property of volcanic rock. A compass placed on a stone may get “confused” because of this.

The Logan Paul Scandal in Japan

Multiple issues have surrounded Paul, most of which center on his December 2017 trip to Japan. He shot a video of a suicide in Aokigahara, or the “suicide forest,” and posted it online.

Aokigahara Is a Stunning Natural Attraction

Although “the suicide forest” may be the most recognizable aspect of Aokigahara, it is not the only one. To maintain the forest’s reputation as a natural beauty location and downplay its negative connotations, local officials have withheld the number of suicide deaths discovered there since 2011.

Aokigahara is home to multiple lava caves, two of which have gained significant notoriety. Both Fugaku Wind Cave and Narusawa Ice Cave attract many visitors each year. The former is always cold, while the latter is famous for being able to preserve silkworm eggs and seeds for future use.

The peaceful stillness that contributes to the spooky atmosphere is also part of the attraction, especially for those coming from the bustling metropolis of Tokyo.

The woodland is home to a wide variety of animals. People have seen the Asian black bear, the Japanese mole, the Japanese mink, and the Japanese grosbeak in the woods.

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