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The most important B2B social media trends in 2023

What b2b social media trends do you need to prepare for 2023? According to the survey, the time spent on social media increased from 1.5 hours per day in 2012 to almost 2.5 hours in 2021. This is also true if millennials (25-40 years old) and Gen Z (5-24 years old) spend most of their time. online.

As you read this blog, you already know that there have been rapid changes in the field of social media. The rise of new platforms like TikTok, new formats like Instagram Reels, and new features like social trading. And many other developments to stay up to date.

Fortunately, you’re in the right place! In this blog post. We’ll show you the new trends that are emerging as a result of these developments on social media and how to tackle each one.

What are the b2b social media trends in 2023?

The rise of video

The change in Instagram’s strategy in the first place of the video surprised us all … or was it? Everyone knows that this video is on the trend charts, but 2021 felt like a complete arrival year for influencers and viewers. In 2023, you’ll see how the video will go mainstream in the brand. But the question remains: why video?

A year after millions of “real world” lives were shortened, consumers’ desire for compelling and entertaining content raged online. Internet users trapped in their homes and isolated from family and friends knew that there was one place where they could enjoy their heartfelt enjoyment. It’s social media. However, it is not only the amount of content that has changed but also the type of content that social network users have focused on. Tropical holiday videos and private jets didn’t work, but real everyday images provided the empathy and humanity that everyone had been waiting for.

This video was rawer than a flat feed, and at that moment it became the perfect tool for this new genre. Consider live streaming to give a perfect example. Consumers began repeating these experiences on social media when physical events and actual socialization were limited. What did you find? Live format! It’s no wonder the numbers look because of the built-in interactivity and the look of the community that we all missed. Livestreaming has seen a CAGR growth rate of 25% over the last three years, compared to the 15% displayed. In the photo. , Video chat.

Live social media opportunities are a concrete example of a format that has been enhanced by pandemics and will continue to grow in 2023. There are lots of opportunities for brands from which they can take advantage of the live video format. This should be ready for you to take advantage of, especially as more and more social platforms are making big bets on social trading.

Make sure you are:

Labeling of products included in live broadcasts

Continue live streaming with influencers to reach your target audience (that is, influencer followers) Give consumers the opportunity to buy products directly from live broadcasts. Then post a live broadcast to IGTV to increase your profits.

Consumers make purchases using social media. This is called social commerce.

Once upon a time, H & M founder Erling Persson talked about how his store should be placed wherever the shopping bag is, that is. The street his audience walks. Today, these shopping bags have been packed and moved from last year’s main streets and downtown and can be found on social media. Shop windows are no longer the first point of contact in fashion. Instead, consumers discover, share, and buy smartphone and laptop trends through social media. Fashion brands need to adapt to this changing consumer behavior and focus on making it look like a time and a place for consumers to shop. By 2023, the main showcase should be on b2b social media trends. This is where brands build support and fame. And where consumers discover and investigate trends, products, and brands that they should before shopping.

If you’re still not sure, take a look at the numbers. According to Statista. Global social media trade sales are expected to grow by more than 400% between 2021 and 2027 to $ 604.5 billion. It’s not a drop in buckets. But a wave of revenue that you’ll miss if your brand doesn’t develop. Therefore, you should be careful if you have not yet considered adding a product catalog to your social platform. I can’t help doing this.

Rules and regulations

After long grades, the strong arm of the law established its places of interest in social networks and influenced marketing. The Advertising Standards Agency in the UK estimates that only 35% of influential accurate paid cooperation. Regulators responsible for penalizing this type of behavior will simply not be as lenient as they are at this point. But not only are the penalties they are concerned with but. But the reputation may also be much more expensive, and it should not be the risk of losing their access to their target audience.

32% of consumers in the UK expressed the desire to see forbidden influential social networking platforms if they do not meet the advertising requirements. There are many at stake for brands that do not detect regulatory updates and each compliance with the activation of influences. If it was not enough to fight. Look for new laws that emerge in the filter and expense in the content of influences paid in 2023 and then. Norway has already passed a law that will influence that will return the advertising content to be explicitly shown. As conversations around mental health. And body image. As the influence of social media networks in both increases, brands’ Copycat laws should expect to follow in other regions.

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