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Tiff’s Treats Delivers Warm Delicious Cookies

Our mission is to serve our clients with the highest quality products and services in the world and to do it as efficiently and affordably as possible. Tiff’s Treats Cookie Delivery mission is to make people happy, therefore we hope that when our customers think back on their experience with Tiff’s Treats they will remember not just the delicious cookies they got but also the wonderful times they had with us.

Tiff’s Treats Denver is offering free delivery on every online purchase placed during Treat Week and consumers may get one free order of a dozen cookies delivered to their door every day. All you have to do is click this link to get free cookies all week long either for yourself or to give as a present to friends and family.


In January of 1999, Leon and Tiffany then sophomores at the University of Texas, founded Tiff’s Treats Cookie Delivery. We began as little as possible with just $20 a mobile phone and Leon’s dorm room oven catering solely to students at night. It was always our goal to keep things simple and that hasn’t changed from the beginning. In our store, you may buy freshly baked, traditional cookies. Delivered by hand, the cookies are guaranteed to arrive hot and fresh. One other option is to have a present delivered personally to the recipient. If you’d rather have your cookies fresh from the oven when you pick them up, you can do that, too.

We vow to always supply you with the highest quality service and goods in our pursuit of global excellence. To that end, we strive to provide you with the finest service possible on every single purchase. Tiff’s Treats Cookie Delivery will ship freshly baked cookies to Colorado right from the oven. The box of cookies I ordered was cooked just for me and sent to my door still warm and delicious. Tiff’s Treats will be holding a Treat Week in celebration of the launch of their newest store in Denver, Colorado.

Cookie Delivery Service

Tiff’s Treats, an Austin, Texas-based cookie delivery service found the key to growth to be a laser-like concentration on the company’s dedicated client base and the creation of exceptional customer experiences. Treats Cookie Delivery Email Marketing Manager Rachael Romeo and Movable Ink’s Associate Director of Client Strategy Rachel recently met with us to share the company’s secret sauce. Tiff’s Treats Cookie Delivery is offering discounts to anyone who sign up for their email list. We’ll send you a notification when we add new coupons to the shop. In addition, if you follow Tiff’s Treats on either Facebook or Twitter, you’ll sometimes be able to get exclusive discounts.

Discount Code Coupons

Go to Tiff’s Treats Cookie Delivery primary site coupon and put several things in your shopping basket. Simply paste the copied code into the tiffs treats coupon field on the payment page to get your discount. No promotional key required. Don’t hesitate to put down cash. There are exceptions to this rule, the code may have been deactivated the code cannot be passed along and the code may only be used once, therefore these are the most likely reasons why your Tiff’s Treats discount coupon isn’t being accepted. It’s likely that the total value of your order fell short of the minimum necessary to activate the promo code

Pre-Order Freshly Made Cookies

Tiff’s Treats Cookie Delivery guests may pre-order freshly made cookies for pickup or delivery and they can also choose from a small variety on the day of their visit. Dining in, curbside pickup and anonymous delivery are all available service choices. In fact, some of our most engaged consumers are those who downloaded our app proving that our bet on digital means of expansion was sound our app accounts for more than 25% of all orders.

Serving the Larger Texas Region

Tiff’s Treats Cookie Delivery has made a name for itself by satisfying customers’ cravings for warm, freshly baked cookies and brownies. We’ve always made it a point to keep our selection limited, our dough made daily and our most popular toppings in stock at all times. Although we have expanded to 59 locations with over 1,000 workers serving the larger Texas region as well as Atlanta, Nashville and Charlotte our original goal has not changed to make the best cookies in the world and send them out to you as soon as they come out of the oven.

Easier and Quicker for Customers

The success of Tiff’s Treats Cookie Delivery allowed it to expand from a dorm room kitchen to 59 outlets. Seriously, that’s incredible. Why do you think this expansion has occurred? Technology and in particular the creation of our app was a major component in our expansion. It’s now easier and quicker for customers to place orders with us. You may follow the progress of your cookie delivery all the way to your front door. Watching the progress of your cookie delivery is a lot of fun.

People Rate Their Delivery and App Experience

Tiff’s Treats Cookie Delivery app not only makes things easier for users, but it also helps us keep track of an unprecedented quantity of information about their habits and preferences. Our app users may log in and place an order for cookies. We track details like name, address and purchase history from these exchanges. When people rate their delivery and app experience, we’ll have more information and comments to go through.

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Provide a Full Client Lifecycle Solution

We can now utilize Movable Ink to conduct a taste test among our clientele and find out which flavors are most popular. We then incorporate this feedback into highlight this flavor in the subsequent notification. Third, we may add a gaming element to our email promotions and discounts to increase interest and participation. Scratch-off emails in which additional flavors and deals are reveal with further scratching have lately deploy. The game has sparked a lot of interest by dangling the promise of a steep discount.

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