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Tights : The Most Comfort Kind of Leg Wear

Do you have a pair of tights in your wardrobe? Why not! After all, it is the most comfortable clothing invented for women ever. It is light in weight and so versatile that no matter what top your wear – it shall look fabulous. From skinny-shaped bodies to plus-size ones, tights for women do justice to all shapes and sizes. Tights have been through a lot of evolution for decades. Initially, it just came in basic colours and had cotton or lycra fabric. But today, oh my my! these products are upgraded to another level. Sheer, patterned, studded, colour-blocked and so many new trends have come in. Also, the purpose of wear has also enhanced. For instance, you can wear a pair of tights while lounging at home. Additionally, you can wear them for your gym workout as well. Isn’t that good?

What makes it so comfortable?

You might wonder a lot of times why is it so that tights are so comfortable. A pair of jeans or track pants is also a bottom, why don’t they serve the same function? Well, it is the stitch and fabric that sets tights apart from the rest of the bottoms. The overall feel is soft and so stretchy that you can sit in your desired way without worrying about your skin reveal. The cut is standardized to fit a body shape which keeps tight intact and supports the muscles quite well. Imagine lying down and moving your legs upward while doing yoga. Wearing it while doing any such activity will ensure that your legs are stretched properly and will also keep the bottom in place so that your bare legs are not visible to anyone.

Another reason why they are so comfy is that it offers protection. For instance, wearing tights on a trekking day or a picnic will keep your legs safe from insect bites and dirt. The reddish marks- aww.. So painful! We are sure you might not want that. Simply adding tights to your adventurous day can save your legs from many skin problems. And do you know the second-best part of wearing tights on such an exhilarating day? It keeps you sweat-free because of the dri-fit property. Great, right? These functionalities are sure shot to proof as to why they are so comfortable and loved by almost every female.

The awe-struck versatility of tights!

As said above, tights go with almost any top. Hoodies, cardigans, denim jackets, tank tops, t-shirts, shirts – phew…. The list of tops that pair with tights is almost endless! You can wear them all on any random pair of tights. However, keep in mind that the way you style is very important.

Not just tops, the type of accessories that go with tights is also infinite. For instance, imagine yourself wearing a sweater on black tights along with a scarf, monkey cap, gloves and long boots on your chilly vacation. Don’t you look cute in this outfit? Now, on the other hand, think of wearing the same black tights to your workplace along with a plain t-shirt, blazer and formal loafers. Ain’t that a boss girl feels? This is how you can style, pair and match up tights with almost all accessories, footwear and top.

Don’t forget to experiment tights down your Indian Kurti. How about wearing it for a jogging session or under a dress for a unique look? For that matter, even shades, bracelets, rings, Kada, and neckpieces match well with tights, but it depends on how you wear them.


Fashionable tights – the to-go comfort clothing of the new era!

Tights come in extensive patterns and designs. It is another characteristic of it that makes them so fashionable and adorable. There is so much to choose from in this category with no compromise in comfort. For instance, when you wear jeans or any formal pants, it takes a lot of fidgeting with straps and suspender belts. The same applies to stockings. Also, the sticky fabric may create an allergic response in your skin. Tights offer a significant benefit in this situation. They are easy to manage and simple to put on. Put them on the same way you would any other tightly fitting item of clothing – and feel the magic of this outfit.

Styling tights is also relatively simple

There is no doubt as to why this garb is worn by so many celebs as well. Tights are a straightforward garment, and printing on them is just mesmerizing. The simplest and most striking technique a designer utilises to create gorgeous fashion tights is printing. The fabrics are weaved with faces, complicated shapes, florals, and paints. With all the colour and intricacy in modern clothing, it can never be challenging to locate matching accessories. However, with printed tights, finding the ideal combination is much simpler. How about the old favourites? The vintage pattern is worth wearing!


What are your views about this amazing legwear? Trust us, once you wear them, you aren’t going to find anything so comfortable later. We recommend you to have at least 5 pairs of different color tights in your closet so that it becomes easy to style them on almost anything. Check out the new tights collection at Alstyle. This brand also has many offers and promotions that you can avail of on the purchase. So have a look today and enjoy your legwear shopping effortlessly!


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