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Top 10 Underrated European Dishes to Taste

Even while European Dishes food is among the most well-known and highly rated in the world, there are still a lot of things you don’t know! Even if everyone enjoys paella from Spain, Italian pizza, and Greek salad, there are many other meals that, for some reason, are rarely mentioned in conversation.

Check out our list of the top 10 undervalued European dishes to eat here if you are traveling to Europe because you could be surprised!


The first one you ought to taste is Cacciucco, which originates from the Tuscany region of west-central Italy! Take the Rome to Florence train instead of eating lasagna in the capital city and treat your taste buds to spicy fish.

A variety of shellfish, spices, and tomatoes come together in a meal called cacciucco. You can have a feast if you serve it with the customary Tuscan bread.


Even if it is expected, it is disheartening that more people are not aware of the delectable Sarmale. Sarmale, a dish served as a classic Romanian dish, may test your palate, but it is still important to try!

The meal comes in two different forms, but the packed leaves at its core are always the same. They are typically stuffed with minced pork, rice, onions, tomatoes, and spices, whether they are cabbage leaves or vine leaves. Keep in mind if you ever travel to Lithuania that Sarmale has a twin sister there!

Tortilla de Patata

Typically, Paella, a typical, fiery rice meal that accepts no prisoners, is what makes Spain’s beloved capital city most well-known. Have you ever tasted a genuine Madrileos omelet, though?

The best Tortilla de Patatas can only be found in Madrid, so we advise packing your luggage and taking the train from Valencia to Madrid whereas most foodies explore Valencian cuisine to sample Spanish cookery!

This Spanish omelet is constructed with eggs, cheese, spinach, chorizo, herbs, and spinach. As tapas, it is also offered cold. Even though you would think of it as a morning dish, the wine goes well with it.


Borscht is a beetroot soup that is popular throughout all of Eastern Europe and is considered to be the national cuisine of Ukraine. One can be ordered with chicken, lamb, beef, or pork.

In reality, several Ukrainian cities have their versions of the soup, with Lviv’s cooks adding Vienna sausage and Chernihiv’s famous addition of zucchini, beans, and apples. In other words, there is a tonne of opportunities, and you’ll undoubtedly discover something you like!


Let’s visit Poland while we are already in Eastern Europe. Even though dumplings are a popular delicacy worldwide, all foodies and travelers interested in gastronomy must try Polish pierogi!

There are many different sorts, some of which would be exceedingly improbable on a typical menu. Pierogi, for instance, can be made with potatoes, cheese, sauerkraut, mushrooms, and other ingredients.


Although Hungary is best known for its stunning cityscapes and extensive historical past, you should also be aware that they are proud to offer some of the tastiest comfort foods, with goulash being one of them.

Goulash is a hot casserole comprised of beef or pig, potatoes, vegetables, spices, and other ingredients, if necessary. It is similar to a regular beef stew. Let this dish warm you up during these crazy winters by eating it on a chilly evening or wet afternoon.


As the culinary world continues to advance at a dizzying rate, there are an increasing number of novel recipes that tend to eclipse time-tested favorites like a straightforward Austrian Schnitzel. Without a doubt, Schnitzel is unrivaled despite being somewhat undervalued.

This traditional Austrian dish, which is typically served with mashed, fried, or boiled potatoes, transports diners back to a simpler era when less truly was more. If you’re looking for robust flavors and perfect texture, try some schnitzel, which was traditionally made from veal.

Cold Beetroot Soup

Due to its unusual ingredients and temperature, Cold Beetroot Soup is quite often disregarded, but you must give it a chance – once you develop a taste for it, it becomes the perfect summer meal!

Coming from old Lithuanian traditions, the soup is precisely what it sounds like. Grated beetroot is mixed with cucumbers, onion leaves, dill, and kefir. Kind of like the Ukrainian Borscht but much more refreshing!

Fish ‘n’ Chips

You might be surprised to see it on our list. However! This traditional English meal gets overlooked quite often and is mostly there to entertain first-time-comers.

Studies have shown that its popularity is reducing, and what was once an all-time-loved meal is quite underrated. It has become more of a bucket list thing, but you should try to enjoy it as a simple snack or a dinner dish now and again. Let’s go back to the classics!


Finally, let’s go back to Spain! While many types of tapas are a well-known snacks and practically a no-brainer entrée, tourists prefer seafood and paella. However, every substantial meal takes some preparation, and nothing beats a few small nibbles.

Therefore, the next time, be sure to place your order for them first and support the neighborhood eateries and tapas bars!

You cannot go without satiating yourself with some fantastic appetizers and light meals because everything is more beautiful on a full stomach! Remember that the origins of these exaggerated foods are frequently ancient customs that might teach you much about a nation’s identity.

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