Top Pizza Brands Around Canada

Pizza is among the most popular foods in the world, particularly for takeout and delivery. Canada is no different. Even Canadian Pizza has Mozzarella, tomato sauce, ham, salami, and mushrooms. There are a lot of pizza franchises inside the country, yet they can’t meet the growing demand for this delicious dish. Invest in a pizzeria franchise to start a lucrative company that will remain in high order. Canadians prefer to eat Pizza from well-known companies such as Domino’s Pizza & Pizza Hut. It’s worth noting that we usually encourage you to endorse local whenever possible. 

However, we comprehend that sometimes nothing beats a cheap & cheerful pizza from one of the following national (mostly or national) chains. Pizza has become available almost in every part of Canada; thx to a wave of passionate food writer entrepreneurs who have sprung up across the country. Do you need a great pizza fast? See our top choices for the Best Pizza in Hamilton before calling for delivery. You might change your mind.

Pizza Pizza

Pizza gives you the best opportunity to become a boss. It is operated by specialists who share the same fundamental values that have allowed Pizza Pizza to become one of the country’s most efficient pizza franchise stores. Pizza represents one of Canada’s largest fast pizza restaurant chains. Pizza Pizza was founded in Toronto in 1967 and quickly spread throughout Ontario. 

The Pizza procured the Pizza 73 product in Alberta in 2007, significantly increasing its restaurant count. In 2018, the company opened its first position throughout New Westminster, British Columbia, kicking off the franchise’s planned expansion throughout the greater Vancouver area. Currently, the company operates over 700 Pizza Pizza as well as Pizza in 73 places across Canada, as both franchise stores and through strategic partnerships with individual shopkeepers.


Panago has established itself as Canada’s leading delivery takeaway food pizza franchise, including over 150 places and a sales system worth more than $110 million. Our cook pizzas, vegetables, wings, and pita bread appeal to today’s changing customers, rewarding one‘s expanding culinary tastes and desire for both affordability and quality. Our distinct components and customer experience set us apart, allowing Panago to enter new markets effectively. 

Pizza by Papa John’s

This pizza franchise is based in the United States. United States. It operates the third-largest pizza delivery and takeout restaurant group in the USA and Canada. Our core value is quality. It is the foundation upon which we have grown. The initial Papa John’s Pizza began in a broom closet in Jeffersonville, Indiana, and has expanded to over 5,000 locations in nine nations and territories. Worldwide. 

When you think of significant cheap pizza places in Canada, you may not immediately think of Papa John’s. However, this American brand does have the cult status for a reason. The ‘was at this restaurant are the epitome of cheap and trying to fill, and they never skimp on the toppings.

Pizza Hut

Most testers (including myself) had fond memories of Pizza Hut. What ’90s kid didn’t enjoy the individual pan pizza that happened to come with completing enough books with the With that in mind, we dug into the chain’s traditional pan pizza. Pizza and other Italy dishes, such as pasta, side dishes, and desserts, are available at this American chain of restaurants and global franchises. Franchise Inc. is Canada’s leading Pizza Hut franchise operator, owning and operating over 175 locations in Canada.

Little Caesars

Little’s Caesars Pizza, Usa’s quickest pizza joint, is rapidly expanding its brand globally, offering independence inside a franchise system. Little Caesars is a global corporation and household name. It had grown from a significant retailer in Garden, Michigan, a Detroit suburb, in 1959 to have opened the company’s first Canadian brand in 1969. We fell in love with the chain’s EXTRAMOSTBESTEST (yes, that’s what they call it) ‘s metaphorical as well as cheese pies. It should be note that the chain also provide pretzel crust options.

Domino’s Pizza

We think any pizza joint with quality food pies and gooey, decadent chocolate lava pastries for chocolate cake is a winner. Sides matter, too, and they undoubtedly influenced what we consistently rated on this list. Domino’s embodies everything we glance for in a pizza chain: cheap, cheerful, & quick. To be sure, quality varies depending on where you live… So, if you find a great pizza composer in your neighborhood, stick with them. Domino’s Pizza is an American multi-national pizza chain found in 1960. serves a variety of Italian main but also side dishes. 

Chicago Style Pizza – Hamilton

They began making Best Pizza in Hamilton. You can trust that one‘s Pizza is genuine because it is made in the “Windy City.” The Mushed Pizza Pie is made in a thin-crust pan and topped with cheese and pizza sauce.. Italian ancestors came from a small town named Reggiano in the Puglia region of southern Italy. We’ve been grilling burgers and traditional Italian meals since 1946, first in Chicago and then in Hamilton in the 1970s. It’s all we’ve ever known, and we adore it! We pride ourselves on our work and hope it demonstrates the quality of our products and services.

Bottom Line

Whenever it comes to the finest chain pizza, I recommend Dominoes and Little Caesar’s. Both were colossal success pizza parties (not a single slice was left!). If you have leftovers, this is the only way to heat them. These pizzas received high marks because they ticked all the boxes: satisfying sauce, a plethora of condiments, gooey, creamy cheese, and a crunchy crust.

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