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Vastu Tips for Factory Entrance, Layout & More!

Vastu Shastra, a traditional Indian science of architecture, layout, and design, involves the placement of objects and structures in harmony with cosmic principles to harness positive energy. It is used to design and build commercial and industrial premises, including factories, to ensure the smooth flow of energy and enhance productivity. If you’re planning to construct a new factory or renovating an existing one, consider adopting Industrial Vastu Shastra principles to achieve your desired outcomes. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some essential Vastu tips for factory entrance, layout, and more.

Vastu For Factory Main Gate- Entrance

The main gate of a factory is crucial as it’s the primary point of entry for employees, suppliers, and goods. You may also consider speaking with a vastu consultant for the same. According to Vastu Shastra, the factory entrance should be in the north, east, or northeast direction. This placement ensures that the factory attracts positive energy from the cosmos, leading to a steady flow of resources, harmonious work environment, and overall prosperity. 

The entrance should be wide enough, at least two or three times the size of the main door, to ensure the smooth movement of goods and vehicles. It should also be free from any obstructions, such as trees or electric poles, that may disrupt the flow of energy. The gate should open inwardly to allow positive vibrations to flow inside.

  • Every factory should have an entry gate in addition to the main gate, which is fortunate placed on the western side of the gateway.
  • For this entrance gate, the west orientation is seen to be of the utmost significance by Vastu Shastra.
  • A factory’s entry should be designed in a Vastu-compliant manner so that it never encounters any barriers.
  • The gate should be placed such that anyone entering the property from the road must pass through it. Whenever there is a lot of traffic, it is best to keep two gates open.
  • A factory’s entrance should be situated such that persons entering the building from the street pass through it.
  • Avoid letting your entrance impede key people’s mobility. Your front entrance should be seen as the starting point for your company, not as a barrier. 
  • Expansive entrances and manufacturing entrances should be planned with meticulous flair and accuracy.

Impact of Poorly Placed Factory Entrance Gate

A poorly placed factory entrance gate can negatively affect the flow of resources and productivity. The entrance should never be towards the southwestern or southeastern direction, as it can lead to disruptions, losses, and thefts. This placement attracts negative energy and can harm the business in the long run. Similarly, a narrow entrance can obstruct the movement of goods and vehicles, leading to delays and disorganization. Staff members and tourists might both become frustrated by an unusual front entry. To ensure that everyone can access their job without difficulty, Architects India meticulously positioned materials, tools, and machinery around the building. A manufacturing entryway is sometimes ill-conceive and badly made. As a result, issues arise for both tourists and employees entering a factory or other commercial space. These issues serve as the starting point for lively conversations in staff rooms, which in turn have an impact on a person’s operating perspective.

How to make your factory main gate more useful in accordance with Vastu Shastra:

If your factory entrance gate poorly placed or narrow, you can take corrective measures to align it with Vastu Shastra principles. Here are some tips:

1. Change the direction:

If your entrance gate is towards the southwestern or southeastern direction, you can change the direction to the northern, eastern, or northeastern direction. This change will ensure the flow of positive energy and enhance productivity.

2. Expand the entrance width:

If your main gate is too narrow, you can expand the width to facilitate the smooth movement of goods and vehicles. Make sure the gate is at least two or three times the size of the main door.

3. Remove obstructions:

If there’s any obstruction, such as a tree or electric pole, in front of the main gate, you should remove it to allow a clear flow of energy.

4. Install a threshold:

According to Vastu Shastra, installing a threshold at the entrance can prevent negative energy from entering the factory premises. It also helps in keeping the entrance clean and tidy.

5. Enhance lighting:

Adequate lighting at the entrance gate can enhance the positive flow of energy and motivate employees to work effectively. Use bright lights to create a welcoming ambiance and ensure safety at night.

6. Add some greenery:

Placing some plants near the entrance gate can create a natural barrier against negative energy and improve air quality. It also adds a touch of freshness and positivity to the surroundings.


Adopting Vastu Shastra principles in your factory layout and design can bring significant benefits in terms of productivity. The entrance gate is one of the critical elements to consider. As it’s the primary point of entry for materials, vehicles, and people. Ensure that the entrance gate is in alignment with Vastu principles, with a wide opening and free from any obstructions. A well-placed entrance gate can bring positive energy, smooth flow of resources, and overall well-being to your business.

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