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The power supply must be unplugged after washing, otherwise the computer board of the washing machine is easily damaged. Replace the computer board for 2.300 yuan. You can save a few hundred yuan by moving it, so why not?


  • It is best to put the washing machine in a dry place
  • Do not wash too much,
  • Lay the washing machine flat, don’t let the washing machine be paranoid


  • It is best not to put the washing machine in the bathroom. Avoid showering the washing machine with water
  • Remember to unplug the washing machine after use

How to choose a washing machine

The basic classification of washing machines is divided into pulsator washing machines and drum washing machines.

In addition, some high-end washing machines such as dual-power inverter washing machines, high-end washing machines with sterilization and drying functions to be sterilized, mini washing machines, and old-fashioned washing machines are also derived. 


  • The most basic pulsator washing machine consumes electricity, water, and clothes are easily entangled
  • The dual-power variable-frequency pulsator washing machine can solve the shortcomings of high power consumption, high water consumption, and easy entanglement of clothes, and it is very clean and the sound is relatively small.
  • The drum washing machine is not easy to entangle during washing, washes evenly, wears less and consumes less energy
  • The dryer and drum integrated machine is easy to operate and saves time.
  • There is also a mini washing machine for children’s clothing and a small amount of underwear
  • This is an old-fashioned parallel-bar washing machine, which needs to be manually washed and then put into the spin-drying bucket to dry.
  • There are also dry cleaning machines used in laundries or hotels, which have large capacity and high cost and are suitable for washing high-end clothes.

Advantages and disadvantages of washing machines 

Washing machines, common in China are top-load washing machines and front-loading washing machines. The pulsator type washing machine is the most common one that has a rotating chassis under the washing machine, which is rotated to wash clothes.

Front-loading washing machines are usually divided into side door type and top door type. Many users who are going to buy a washing machine ask, what are the advantages and disadvantages of a drum washing machine?

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How the front-loading washing machine works:

The front-load washing machine achieves the purpose of washing clothes through the rotation of the inner barrel and the impact of the water flow.

It can be seen that the working principle of the drum washing machine is different from other washing machines.

Due to the different working principles, there will be different advantages and disadvantages. The following warranty network will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the front-loading washing machine:

Advantages of front-loading washing machines:

  • There is little wear and tear on the clothes. For the more expensive clothes such as silk and wool, which are suitable for machine washing, it is even more necessary to choose the washing method of the drum washing machine.
  • After the clothes are washed, there will be no super-winding, etc., and the protection of the clothes is better.
  • The drum wash usually has a drying function, which is a very good function for these humid days in the south.
  • The laundry of the drum washing machine is relatively clean;
  • The drainage design of the drum washing machine will not stain the bathroom.

Disadvantages of front-loading washing machines:

  • Due to the principle of laundry, the laundry time will be relatively prolonged, so that the laundry time will be relatively long.
  • Since the drum washing machine is best to use warm water for laundry, it will consume more electricity.
  • The side type drum washing machine cannot randomly increase or decrease the laundry.
  • When the drum washing machine fails, the maintenance cost is generally relatively high;

Advantages and disadvantages of front-loading washing machines and pulsator washing machines

The advantages and disadvantages of the pulsator washing machine, the drum washing machine, and the stirring washing machine, the washing machines on the market are basically these three types, so Advantages:

First; pulsator washing machine: large water consumption and low price.

Second; drum type washing machine: large power consumption and small wear.

Third; agitator washing machine: good cleanliness and water consumption.

Comparison of cleanliness and wear rate

In terms of cleaning degree, the pulsator washing machine, the drum washing machine and the stirring washing machine are almost the same , among which the stirring washing machine has good cleaning uniformity and the drum washing machine has a small wear rate.

The washing ratio of the pulsator type washing machine should be greater than 0.70, the drum type washing machine should be greater than 0.70, and the stirring type washing machine should be greater than 0.75.

Which can be seen from the standard requirements; the wear rate of the pulsator type washing machine should be less than 0.15%, and the drum type washing machine should be less than 0.10 %, the stirring type should be less than 0.15%.

Comparison of electricity consumption and water consumption

The drum type consumes the most electricity curry discount code NHS, but its water consumption is the smallest, about 70 liters. The power consumption of agitator and pulsator washing machines is almost the same, but the water consumption of the two is far greater than that of the drum type, about 150 liters. You can also visit at ebay discount code NHS

Comparison of price differences

The prices of the three types of washing machines are quite different. Generally speaking, the market price of a fully automatic drum type washing machine is around 3,000 yuan.

The market price of a fully automatic agitator washing machine is more than 2,000 yuan, and the market price of a fully automatic pulsator washing machine is 1,000 yuan. ~2000 yuan.

It seems that which washing machine to buy depends on your living habits and family conditions. First of all, determine the price of frequently washed clothes and washing machines.

For example, if there are many wool and silk clothes, it is recommended to choose a drum-type washing machine; if you mainly wash cotton clothes, it is recommended to choose agitation-type and drum-type washing machines.

When choosing a washing machine curry discount code NHS, you should pay attention to whether the household’s electricity capacity is large enough and whether it is convenient to use tap water.

If you have a hot water source at home. You do not need to use a washing machine with an electric heating element.

When choosing the above 3 washing machines. It is also necessary to understand the noise and trouble-free operation time of the washing machine. Generally speaking, the lower the noise and the longer the trouble-free operation, the better the quality of the washing machine.

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