Turkish Dishes

What Are Some Famous Turkish Dishes?

Turkish cuisine is indeed the best on the planet, as any Turk will attest. They have a reason because it incorporates flavours from the best cuisines around the world, from the Mediterranean to the Middle East and also from Central Asia to Eastern Europe. It is a lot more than just the kebabs and köfte that it is renowned for. The southeast is made fun of for consuming kebabs in the morning, yet those are the most well-known Turkish dishes because Turkish cuisine is particularly meat-based. There are a plethora of plant-based items on the Turkish menu, although the vegetarian and vegan movements are not very popular in Turkey. Vegans merely have to stay away from the abundance of yoghurt. If you are in the mood for some delicious meals, then try browsing Turkish kitchen Manchester.

Here, we could only try our best at a list of the tastiest, most well-liked Turkish cuisine.


Baklava, one of the most popular famous Turkish dishes that date back to the Ottoman Empire, is a must-have for anybody with a sweet craving. A classic Mediterranean delicacy, this layered pastry has nuts inside and is topped with syrup & ground pistachios. Baklava can be found in most shops and bakeries, but still, it tastes best when it comes just out of the oven.

Kebap (with a “p,” yes)

Even the most popular meal is quite varied. According to Wikipedia, there are 37 different types of turşu, which are pickled veggies like peppers, cabbage, carrots, and tiny cucumbers, eaten with salads, sauces, or thinly sliced meat, lamb, or chicken. The most well-known minced meat kebabs include the less spicy Urfa kebab and the spiced Adana kebab, which are both grilled over an open flame. Iş, or shish kebab, is a type of grilled meat that has tender, precisely squared slices of lamb or chicken.

Alternately, have it presented in a plastic sleeve to capture the oozing fat and breaded. The çöp or leftovers from creating those rectangular lamb chunks are combined with tomato and garlic, threaded onto skewers, & grilled to create the luscious and incredibly delectable çöp şiş kebab. The doner (turning), thin slices of lamb or chicken sliced from a revolving stack of meat and delivered in a wrap or bread with salad and covered with sauce: tomato, mayonnaise, or/and yoghurt, is likely the most popular kebab because it’s a favourite in the West after a beer. Sit down to a skender kebab to enjoy a more enticing plate of doner meat.

On top of a pide bread base, thin layers of tomato sauce and yoghurt-coated lamb doner rest. Your server will deliver your meal and then return with a long-handled pot of melted butter to finish this rich, calorie-dense feast by pouring it over your food.


As its Italian cousin, pide, also referred to as “Turkish pizza,” is a flat pastry base covered with cheese and various types of meat and veggies that have been baked in a stone oven. Since there are so many toppings options, pide and its slimmer sibling lahmacun are perfect for vegetarians and those with various dietary restrictions.


With all these cold appetisers, you may quickly become familiar with a variety of classic treats if you’re having problems deciding on the menu. Around 20 dishes, ranging from salads and bean dishes to dips as well as spreads, are usually served with bread and beverages as part of a meze.

(Zeytinyalar) “Those with olive oil” 

Zeytinyalar, cold vegetable meals prepared in olive oil, are available in any eatery with a selection of foods on show in the window. Leeks, runner beans, and artichokes are among the most widely used ingredients, but you may also find eggplant, celeriac, & red and green peppers. A specific vegetable, not a combination of veggies, water, some rice, and lemon juice, is introduced to the basis of onions and carrots sautéed in olive oil. Whenever combined with bulgur rice, they form a delicious appetiser or main course.


There is both a meat variant and a vegetable variant, as there is so much Turkish dishes. The meat variant of “mam bayld,” known as “karnyark,” is prepared in the same manner but uses ground lamb or beef for the filling. 

Dolma (stuffed)

The vegetable, not the eatery, though if you substitute “doldm” for the suffix, you could express “I’m full.” A combination of ground beef, spices, and a small amount of rice is stuffed inside peppers (biber dolmas), zucchini (kabak dolmas), vine leaves (yaprak dolmas), cabbage leaves (lahana dolmas), or chard leaves (Paz dolmas), and the leaves are coiled up before being cooked in diluted tomato paste.

Final Words:

Now since you know the best Turkish dishes, you can easily pick a good Turkish meal for yourself.

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